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Religious/Spiritual Camino

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I know that there are many reasons people walk Camino. I'd like to pose a question to the portion of those who walk Camino for religious/spiritual reasons. Specifically I'd like to receive stories/feedback from the subset of those that have had a specifically Christian experience on Camino as opposed to a more generally spiritual one (not that they are mutually exclusive by any means but I'd like to focus for a moment on the specifically Christian subset). Share, if you will, your thoughts or stories of specifically Christian nature.

What was your experience?
How did the experience speak to you?
What impact has it made?
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The daily experience for a Christian is to develop a closer relationship with Him, and to strive to become like Him in the best way possible. The Camino was much the same as attending church --- it didn't make me any more or less a Christian, but it gave me a unique space in which to worship Him and to meditate on my relationship with Him, and with other pilgrims around me. I was cognizant of the Camino as a special time to do so, apart from the distractions of life and responsibilities at home. I also viewed this time as a way of developing more sensitivity towards the needs of others, even as strangers, and to offer whatever assistance and comfort that I could. Sometimes I miserably failed, but that is what being human is about even if one is a follower of Christ :).

Even Jesus recognized the need to remove oneself from the normal routines; He spent time alone in the wilderness, and frequently removed Himself away from His Disciples and followers to be with the Father.

I look forward to this again when I return this late September and October.

simply B

@DowtyCamino -

1) I have seen miracles most days out. Think 'Loaves and Fishes', 'Miracle of Tongues', and healing where there was no hope.

This is despite being a cynic, skeptic, and possessed of the middle name of "Thomas". (Yeah, that doubting Apostle.)

There is coincidence and there is Providence. After six months Camino-ing over five years, I no longer need to be beat over the head with a clue-stick to discern the difference.

2) I finally grok the Sermon on the Mount! It only took 60 years but perhaps I am a slow learner.;)

3) While never very materialistic, it appears hard for me to even budge the needle on that dial any more. The Camino-induced simplicity is too great a lesson to ignore. This introduced tension into many relationships and I had to let those go. Seeing that what I do for a living is set among "getters"/"spenders"/"status"-oriented people...well, it has hit my wallet. And, this does not bother me a bit....even if it keeps me from walking the Camino again.

4) My top Camino lesson? “I am loved, my task is to be loving.” Now, I am not a warm, fuzzy type of person. Being "loving" does not mean that I abandon my fundamentally critical nature. It means that I accept what, and who, comes before me without prejudice. (I walk with a heavy staff just in case the object of my acceptance decides to not return the favor.)

I am happy to correspond with you via PM if you need more than this. A lot of what I have learned seems too personal for public exhibit.


PS. I look at the above post and I have been honest. yet, it could seem that I am a good person from the scribblings. Nope, I'm about as broken as a human can get. (Not like there's a contest about that...)


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This thread has been closed since religious topics always end up with disagreements and arguments. This is why we created rule 2) of the forum rules. Sorry about this since I know religion is a part of the Camino experience for many... but 14 years of running the forum has taught me that this is the best way for the forum to be a good place to share forum experiences and camino advice.
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