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As a pilgrim seeking religous sites and experiences along the trail, I am very interested in hearing people's experiences.

For a start, on this summer's pilgrimage we plan on staying at Cobreces, Valdedios and Sobrado because of the monasteries.

But quite often there are wonderful religous experiences where least expect. On the Camino Frances I stayed in an albergue run by Franciscan monks in which there was a very small service in the attic of the building, you had to crawl through door becaus the ceiling was so low. Later, after dinner, in the that same room there was a prayer and blessing service for the pilgrims. Wonderful experience.

Please share.

Vaya con dios,
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There are several existing topics that will add further to yours...such as Camino Angels, etc.

Sil, probably has the best treasure trove of info on key religious sites and experiences. Many more members of the Forum, I am sure, will add a thread or two.

Not to reiterate my story, but briefly...I was injured and told to go home. I stopped at every church, shrine or bar that had any connection with Santiago. I prayed, pleaded and asked for guidance on how to continue. My prayers were answered!

The Way is held together by the beautiful cathedrals, roadside shrines and the industrious locals that make the Camino all you would wish it to be...and more!

Here is something I did that may be completely different from most pilgrims to Santiago.

I am very attuned to sound and smells...and I seek out locations where I can get the "feel" of where I'm order to establish a natural/spiritual "connection" beyond the norm. In France at Versailles...I worked my way into the kitchens well below the tourist galleries, at Dachau, Germany I went into the holding cells that are not open to the public, in Amman,Jordan the Roman amphitheater is connected by a hidden tunnel to the Citadel...I hunkered down there.

About two days following my arrival at the Cathedral in Santiago, I arrived very early (about 7am). Wanting to continue my "investigatory" bent...I sought out a location I was sure harbored many interesting and personal sensual images. I chose confessional #15. I don't know when they were constructed, but they had the look of solid construction, so I figured they were at least several hundreds of years old. I was not disappointed. But that's another story.

Buen seek and ye shall find Camino,

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