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Came upon this interesting article today.

Talking about reviving old customs!

Buen Camino,


Rent-a-pilgrim: he walks, you pay $2,500

Giles Tremlett
Friday November 24, 2006
The Guardian

He calls himself "the payer-off of promises", but Portuguese computer expert Carlos Gil could just as easily go by the name of "rent-a-pilgrim".
Mr Gil has revived a 700-year-old tradition by hiring himself out to go on pilgrimages for those too infirm, too busy or just too lazy to go themselves.

His twice-yearly pilgrimages to the shrine at Fatima, in central Portugal, are now financed by those who wish to fulfil pledges secretly given in their prayers.

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He charges $2,500 (£1,300) for the week's 100-mile walk from his home in Cascais, near Lisbon, to the shrine to the Virgin Mary at Fatima. He also walks back, which takes another week.
Mr Gil describes himself as an avid devotee of the sanctuary at Fatima, which was built after three shepherd children claimed the Virgin Mary had appeared to them several times on a hillside in 1917.

Mr Gil says he does not make a profit on his trips, and the money just covers his costs. He also denies that the people who pay for him to go on the pilgrimage are cheating on their own pledges.

To guarantee that he made the trip on foot, he hands his customers a certificate after every journey with stamps from various places along the way.

Those wishing to use his services are invited to leave details of their credit card, and permission to charge $2,500 to it, on his website at
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download pics

Ivar, how can we download a pic and place next to post, like yours?


Buen Camino,

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Hi there xm,

It is easy.

1) Click the "Profile" link at the top of this page, or this link:

2) Scroll to the bottom and look for "Avatar control panel". Here you can upload your own picture (max 80x80 pixels) or select one from our gallery.

Greetings from a rainy Santiago de Compostela,


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Wow - this is something. My god I would just love for someone to pay me to walk the camino, yes that would be something.

Instead I am here in rainy dublin, just home from work - one hour in traffic.

Really don't know what to make of this - don't know if it is good, or not. Maybe it is a service that some would be glad of, however I am having a hard time staying open minded.

Now I also make some money from my camino experience, not a lot and it would never cover the work that I put in, perhaps I could also be viewed the same as this gent?

I think it is good when I don't make up my mind too quick on somethings. I would love to hear other views on this and making money from the camino? Many tour companies do, and provide a service to some that would not otherwise go.


hiring a pilgrim

I tell u, I wouldn't mind getting paid for what I would do in any case. For those of us that live in the so called New World it wouldn't be a bad break either.

Buen Camino,


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