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Requirements for Crossing into Spain on Foot


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Camino Portuguese September 2022
Hi there,
I am walking the Camino Portuguese early September and was wondering what the requirements are for crossing into Spain (Tui) from Portugal (Valenca). Thank you in advance for your input.
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Tassie Kaz

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And have your camera/phone ready for views from the bridge.
I suggest you walk on the RHS (as you stand facing Spain) for a different perspective of Tui as you cross.

I know you're actually seeking more practical information but I add this so you don't forget to be 'in the moment' as you cross the border rather than just focus on logistics!

Bom Caminho.
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There is no passport control but theoretically everyone should be able to demonstrate that they are in Spain legally.

If a citizen of an EU country that means valid identification. I'm not aware of anything else but I'm sure someone will enlighten me if I'm wrong.

If not a citizen of an EU country that that means a valid EU or country specific visa and the means to comply with the visa requirements.

In my case a tourist visa is automatic on entering the EU, but I need a passport (with expiry date more than 6 months after my expected exit), transport out of the country within 90 days, and the financial means to support myself during the time I will be in Spain.
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Camino Portuguese, May 2022
Walk across the bridge. There isn't passport control or anything. Spain and Portugal are part of the same zone, designed to allow free passage back/forth.

We recently did the walk ourselves, it's on our blog. Do not walk past the Tui cathedral, it's incredible.
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Lydia Gillen

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It was designed by Pelayo Mancebo, a disciple of Gustave Eiffel. However, the Dom Luis I bridge in Porto over the Douro River is the work of Eiffel.
Thank you for letting me know. I thought it an interesting fact and loved to think of the connection. However I still love that little bridge, andf there still is a connection.


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There are hundreds of structures created by Eiffel the company, some of which are by Eiffel himself.

The covered market where I live is by the Eiffel company.

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