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Restaurant/Cafe Recommendations in Santiago?

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The discussion in another thread caused me to start looking for restaurant recommendations for Santiago and I didn't find any threads. I remember arriving and being a bit overwhelmed by all the choices! Did you find a favorite spot? What made it great? Liz
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Santiago is reknowned for seafood and shellfish, there are many resturants which attract the eye on the streets around the cathedral, those with the teeth are scary looking fresh hake, but also scallops, crabs, Dublin Bay and other prawns, razor clams, barnacles (fantastic when cooked properly) however they are usually expensive and not the best option. Having walked all that way, one should have a treat and my favorites are "Carretas" Rua das Carretas 21 and "San Clemente" Calle San Clemente 6 both owned by the same family, Carretas being slightly more expensive both require deep pockets. An alternative, the market in Santiago is marvelous! Come early buy whatever sea creature you like and prepare it yourself! A third of the price, freshest quality, and if you are daunted by opening scallops oysters etc, they will do it for you! Garlic, butter and anything else in the Galician world await you-from the tiniest sardine until whole octopus, meqats, sausages and chorizo, vegatables, and cheese-I wouldn't buy food anywhere else. A last word, the very best white wine in Spain is from right there in Galicia called Albariño is better than many reds you will meet along the Camino. It is also not cheap. ¡Buen provecho!


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One spot near the cathedral which is always a pleasure is the Cafe Casino, 35 rua del Vilar. It has existed since 1873. Open from 9am to after midnight they do breakfast, drinks and simple meals. The comfy upholstered chairs and old-fashioned decor (but upgraded with WiFi) reminds me of the old Algonquin in NYC when I was much younger. You can happily sit in the Casino while nursing a drink for hours watching the world go by or writing. Can't wait to go back once again this year!



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Casa Manolo is a long time favorite for pilgrims I had lunch their nearly every day I was in Santiago. In the evenings I just ate tapas ;-) One of my favorite places for this was called 'The Cardenals Place' or similar in Gallego. It was close to the Cathedral, perhaps somebody here knows which one I am speaking about?
Buen Camino (and now I have a craving for tapas, sigh) SY

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i like the bodeguillas group (reasonable prices and lots of locals), there's one just outside the city centre on rúa san roque
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Frances (2013), Primitivo (2015), Muxia/Fisterra (2015), Haervejen (2017)
Thanks for all these tips! I am busily adding all this info to the Guide I have been compiling for our walk this June. Liz

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Casa Marcelo
Rúa das Hortas 1
15705 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña, Spain
Open today
  1. 1:30 – 4:30 pm
  2. 9:00 – 11:30 pm

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