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Room for stamps on Passport..


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We walked the Camino earlier this year and ran out of room on the Credential for stamps. We had to put the last few on the back cover and they are difficult to see. We did save the last spot for Santiago.
There are 40 spaces on the "Credencial del Peregrino" that we used. We stayed overnight about 35 nights which only left 5 for other desired stamps. Is there a bigger document available?
How have others handled this? It seems a shame to use a separate document.
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I had to get a second passport in Sarria to accomodate stamps as I, too, had run out of space.
The english credential that the confraternity of st james in london offer is absolutely massive, a bit like a book, with plenty of pages, space for each stamp and even space for the dates to be written! I've never filled one! Quite a shock this year when I bought a little spanish credential and realised I had to limit my stamp collecting!

If you're a member of the csj in england details about obtaining one here:
Mind I'd hardly describe them as "lightweight" if you're one of those folks like my mum who worries about every gram...

Am I right in thinking the French ones are also longer? I've seen some pretty long ones from the Le Puy route, maybe it depends where you start? :s
In fact, there is not enough room in the regular credential to cover the whole Camino. We walked for 38 days and had to use our second credential when we got to Rabanal. We didn't go around asking for stamps from all over the place, only where we stayed the night, plus a few special ones like the Cathedrals of Burgos, Leon, the church at O' Cebreiro, etc. It's a good idea however, to pick one up a few days before you realise that you will run out of places, just incase the albergue where you do stay when you use your last space, doesn't have any credentials on hand! Anne
The downside of using the CSJ credential is that it is too large (14.5 x 21 cm) to fit into most pockets and is therefore harder to access. But it does 90 large spaces. I found the Credencial de Peregrino to be much more convenient to use but with only 40 small spaces and many sellos take up more than one space it quickly fills up.
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I always get a stamp - wherever I am - and I love looking at them remembering the cafe-bars, the churches, the albergues etc where I got them. In 2007 I used up 4 official credencials on the Camino Frances and then continued getting stamps when we went on a road trip back to St Jean - stopping overnight at 5 places along the way.

If you have any unusual sellos - from any of the camino routes - please share them by sending them to:
He has over 1400 sellos on his website
The credecial from The Canadian Company of Pilgrims has space for 72 sellos.

We have always used the credencials "on site", but this time sent away for both the Canadian and the UK ones because we knew we would be on The Way for a long time. The CSJ one was far too unmanageable, but our Canadian version was just right!

Here is the link:

It's a fluorescent green/yellow color and really hard to miss in your pack!

Buen camino!

I stuck a few in my actual passport. I think alcohol might have been involved. So far, I have not been invited to visit "the back room" to explain.
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newfydog said:
I stuck a few in my actual passport. I think alcohol might have been involved. So far, I have not been invited to visit "the back room" to explain.

I have to say I laughed out loud when I read that - thanks Newfydog!

If you run out of space on your credencial either get another one or just add your own pages or have a separate little notebook on which to collect sellos. The Pilgrims' Office wants people to use the Official Pilgrim Record available in Spain those issued by the Amigos and Confraternities in other countries. This is a strategy to stamp out unscrupulous travel companies marketing their own Passports not to catch out pilgrims. Pilgrims often come into the Pilgrims' Office with two, three, four credenciales full of sellos, or passports with additional sellos on sheets of paper or notebooks.

These days on most of the routes there are credenciales available along the ways.
I feel that the CSJ passport, here in England,is a good size, plenty of room for stamps and also large enough to slip into the inner pocket on our rucksacks and then remove again easily when wanted. It doesn't slip to the bottom and get 'lost'.
The large number of spaces mean that it can last for more than one Camino. Terry used his this year and has spaces left he would plan to use in 2010/2011 (if that is allowed). Would we need to have our Credencials endorsed or just start a new page if using the spaces over more than one year?
I'm looking at my CSJ Credencial at the moment and enjoying the memories off all the sellos (plus the occasion when the parish priest in Mota del Cuevo had no stamp so wrote in incredibly beautiful handwriting).

One advantage of the size of the CSJ Credencial is that my bishop had given me a letter of recommendation (which came in really handy). Laminated and folded in half, this fitted inside the book.


when I walked from Belgium to Santiago, I got my firs credential from Mundicamino. My second I got in Le puy. Plenty of space, I got only stamps where I spent the night and from cathedrals.....

I would like to get the CSJ passport, but it looks like they are not able to easily send to USA.
Does anyone know a easy way to get one to the USA. The fees, of course, would all be reimbursed.
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You can get a 'passport' from the American Pilgrims. They have space for between 50 and 90 stamps. (Some stamps are much larger than others).

American Pilgrims on the Camino does not charge for pilgrim credentials, but if you would like to make a donation you can make an online payment on the acknowledgement page that follows your credential request submission or you can send a check to

American Pilgrims on the Camino
1514 Channing Avenue
Palo Alto CA 94303-2801

You can order it online at: ... l_req.html
grayland said:
Is this credential also large like the UK one?
Can you post a link??

Actual size is 10X14 cm or 4''X5.5''. Fits nicely in a pocket. Cover is laminated.

Have attached photos of my CSJ credencial,the weight over the spanish one is negligible and is hard to misplace given the colour. I invariably had favourable comments from albergues as this credencial allows for larger stamps. I used this from vezelay and had plenty of pages left.


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My credencial (from Brazil) was of the 'foldout' type. I extended it by photocopying and sellotaping some extra sheets onto the end. Worked a treat!
Sandra :arrow:
A Camino veteran of my acquaintance, who occasionally earns his crust as a criminal lawyer, advised me that the sellos in my credencial could serve to substantiate my alibi. When asked by the gumshoes where I was on the night of October 6th, I would be able to whip our my radioactive lime green Canadian Company of Pilgrims document and show them that I was in Moratinos, and could prove it. I had never thought of this possible use fo the credencial, and was pleased to hear of it.
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After comparing Omar's great sellos with mine it occurred to me that it would not be a bad idea to bring along your own ink pad. Many of those that I used provided only faint and barely legible imprints.
Wow...that is about 5 oz. Yipes, the gram/oz counters won't like this. :wink:

But seriously, many of my selos are very dim and hard to read due to lack of ink. The pad may very well be a good idea.

I plan to start again from SJPP in mid March. I wonder if the Pilgrim Office will give me two credentials so I can tape extra pages in as someone suggested above??
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omar504 said:
Have attached photos of my CSJ credencial,the weight over the spanish one is negligible and is hard to misplace given the colour. I invariably had favourable comments from albergues as this credencial allows for larger stamps. I used this from vezelay and had plenty of pages left.

I have been trying to come up with a way to get the great CSJ credencial...but it looks like it is necessary to pay 80 pounds ($128. USD) :shock: to join CSJ.....and then I am not sure if it can be mailed to the U.S. Am I correct in this?
Is there another way?
If you do decide to join, make sure that it is at the start of the membership year.
I joined a few years ago at the end of July, paid by credit card, the deduction appearing on my August statement. In September I received a bulletin in the post together with a membership renewal form. When I asked if I should ignore it as I had just paid for membership, the response was that the membership year was from 1st October. (I hadn't read the small print - if I had I would've waited a couple of months to join.)
Out of country members (like me) are not able to participate in any of the extra-mural activities, get-togethers, celebrations etc., and for a year's membership, I received one bulletin.
I didn't rejoin!
The 2010 Spanish Credencial will be one of a kind - why don't you rather collect one of those when you arrive on the camino?
The Holy Year passport sounds very interesting...
My problem with the Spanish Credential is the lack of room for sellos. Even tho we tried to be careful where we got stamps, we ran out of room before we reached Santiago. It would be nice to be able to collect interesting stamps along the way without worrying about room on the Credential.

I know others have posted earlier that you can used more than one....but having them all together seems important to us.
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Mmmm? I see your point. You could paste one onto the other and have one long one. That would give you 80 spaces.
The CSJ of SA credencial is a also booklet and has space for about 112 stamps.


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I just received my 'Holy year Credencial' but I dont know whether the room lasts out for the stamps. I am sure I'll need another one but will get it on the Camino.


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