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Round-trip ticket w/ train or fly home from Spain?


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Hello! My name is Lindsay and I'm doing El Camino next summer, 2010. I want to be quite sure of what I'm booking so I can do it as soon as possible, and what I need to know is what the best option is from the options below. Oh, also, I live in the US and will probably be flying out of Logan Airport in Boston.

*Buy a roundtrip ticket and get a train/bus/what-have-you back to Biarritz? (That's where I intend to fly into)

*Buy two separate tickets, one flying from Boston to Biarritz and one flying from the closest airport to Compostela (and what IS that airport, btw?) to Boston

*Try to arrange for an open-jaw flight that lands me in Biarritz then resumes from Compostela, back home to Boston?


Any and all help will be so appreciated! Thanks!
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I have flown (and will fly again this Spring) on Iberia (from Washington DC) into one destination and out of another. I flew: Washington--Madrid--Pamplona with a return ticket Santiago--Madrid--Washington. The price was less than $100(US) more than just the Round Trip to Madrid. IF you go on the IBeria website and put in dates for a return flight to Madrid, then hit flexible dates, you can see which dates offer the cheapest flights across the Atlantic. Then go back and click the "multiple destinations" and put in the cities you will fly in and out of. I would tend to wait closer to the time you are traveling and watch rates.

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