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Rounding the Reservoir

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In a few months I'll be setting off from Logrono again, and in no time at all will arrive at a beautiful reservoir in the Parque Granjera. .... The last time I arrived there (2015), I turned right at the reservoir, as per Brierley. I enjoyed the walk very much -- fond memories of chatting with the Peregrino Pasante, and of feeding the carp.... But someone whose opinions I respect has suggested that this time I should turn left at the reservoir, and take the road less traveled....

Should I? Anybody done that? I'm not a risk-taker, but I'm tempted!
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It's a local park, and I think there are recreational trails all around the pond/reservoir. By going left, you would just circle around and rejoin; it might add a wee bit of walking time.

There's a map of the trails at the entrance to the park.


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You can walk and bike around the whole reservoir any way you want. You must stay on the trail for much of the time, except in an area on the right-hand side at the beginning (when approaching from Logroño). Click on the map for a better view.

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Those who know me know that crosses don't do it for me, usually, After leaving Logroño and passing through La Grejera you hit the highway but instead of bumming out you come upon

61191 blessedly blocking the view!
Camino(s) past & future
Lourdes/Burgos/SdeC 77; Frances 12,15,17; Finisterre 17; Lourdes/Aragones 18; Meseta 19.
I think I'll go to the right this time, just as I did before. ... Mostly to chat once more with the Peregrino Pasante. He may be a coot, but he's my kind of coot!
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