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Running of the Bulls


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I am traveling on el Camino de Santiago from June 20th to July 25 with my sister and was wonderingi f it is possible to take a bus back to Pamplona for the festivals of San Fermin even though I will long have passed it. . . any ideas on if there would be a possablilty on staying again in a refugio, campg etc.? THanks
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Hello from Pamplona

Every year The shelter of Pamplona, during San Fermin it is closed, by reasons for security.-
Buen Camino.


Welcome kathyrock. Hmm...good question. U may have better chances in private albergues. There's a very nice private albergue, owned by (English lang speaker) Maribel Roncal (948 18 38 85), an interesting/caring person to converse with, in close by Cizur Menor, where u may want to stay (1?) overnight. It's within a relative good walking distance from the festivities. I will tell u this, during the San Fermines, an awesome festifivity, Pamplona and its immediate and not so immediate surroundings get packed. Like packed packed. Last year the (public) albergue at Pamplona (understand there's another one now, can't remember if it's public/private) was closed for days. There were no beds at the public albergue in Cizur Menor and the church next to it was full with peregrinos sleeping on matresses. I was given the last bed left at Maribel's albergue, chance (such a thing?), no reservations (don't know if she takes 'em). Buen Camino, xm 8)


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Thanks for the advice, I've learned from this post and a few others that I've talked to that I may as well get used to sleeping outside every so often lol. Sounds like it will be worth it. Thanks again


I may as well get used to sleeping outside every so often lol.

I don't think it'll come to that, at least not in my experience. But then, one never knows... Buen Camino, xm 8)
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