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Ryan Air From SDC


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Im planning on leaving SDC around 29/8/07 and have been looking at Ryan air for about 55E (Iberia quotes over 450E!). I've heard some things about Ryan air about check in luggage-the web site says it's extra. It's also extra to confirm online.......
Any comments from anyone who has flown Ryanair before would be appreciated
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just noticed this .... it's ages since you posted so you probably already know now. i'm flying with Ryanair - got a nice cheap flight and then found that if i want to check any luggage in it's an extra £10 each way. that said, it's still a good bit cheaper than other airlines.
yes it is true, ryan air charges 5 pounds to book online (the only way is by the interent) then another 5 pounds NOT TO CHECK in a bag and $10 pounds to check one in. guess they have to make money somehow. however my fair santiago to London was 15E which is $23cdn. Pretty cheap!! they are a great airline otherwise.
I got my return flight to London Stansted for £17 (inc. tax and other fees). That's pretty damn cheap, bearing in mind it cost me £50 to get a return rail trip to Bristol!
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When to purchase Ryan Air ticket?

Do I need to purchase my Ryan Air ticket before I leave the states (with a best guess date?) or are seats plentiful enough to book when I arrive in SDC? I will need to fly to Madrid to catch my flight back to the U.S. Thank you!

i found if you book early, it is cheaper. i paid 10E 2 months before i wanted to depart. 2 days before it was 120E... keep checking the airfare it changes daily.

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Under 3 hours from Madrid to Oviedo. New high speed train starts this service tomorrow. Good option for those wanting to walk the Camino Primitivo. More here...
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Google couldn't translate this to English. Does the train stop in Segovia?

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