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Ryan Air or Vueling experiences?

I have a friend who just got back from Europe. He flew Ryan Air & said that the seats are made of hard plastic & do not recline. Okay, I know it's a budget airline, but I've flown EasyJet before & the seats were regular airline-type upholstered seats, not plastic. Southwest in the US (which Ryan Air uses as a model) has good seats, so I can't imagine why they'd use their business model & not the seating. Can anyone verify this? Also, if you have flown Vueling or know of someone who has, what are the planes like? Real seats or plastic? 10E to Barcelona sounds really good to me! :)


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I definitely would't describe the Ryan Air seats as hard plastic - they're not the height of comfort but perfectly reasonable for short haul trips. I'm not sure about the reclining aspect - never tried it!

You could always drop the airline an email but I'm sure they'll come back with assurances that they're using standard upholstered seats and not replacing them with plastic ones on any of their flights!


ps. about three weeks to go now before I get to put my confidence to the test! London Stansted to Santiago...

Flew twice with Ryanair within Europe and do not recognize the remarks about plastic chairs :D
They just fly with "normal" Boeing 737's which are the same as other carriers use.....no problem.
BTW: I must admit that the colors blue and yellow of Ryanair which are used inside the airplanes gives it a plastic, cheap look!

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Ryanair have stopped putting pockets in the back of seats and now attach safety info to the seat back to speed turn around by minimising cleaning tasks. They may have limited the recline on their seats but last time I used them they were the usual material.

plastic seats

well i wouldn't say they are plastic seats on ryan air, they are comfortable, and they don't recline, but who cares, the 2 hour flight cost me 19 cents. Food and coffee on the plane is EXPENSIVE< bring your own.
ps. people in europe are SO FORTUNATE to have airlines that are cheap. in canada a 40 minute flight to visit my family costs 175 euro!!!!! so enjoy the ride!
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prebook flight

Hi. I don't quite remember, for departure i think it was 6-7 weeks ahead, i i booked may 1 for my return on june 23. (i wanted to make sure i had a connecting flight in london.
I did check from santiago to london this far ahead was 20 euros plus tax.
I looked on the net 2 days before the flight and it was 130 euros.
I thought ryanair was a great airline, and the planes are always full.

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