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SaltStick Electrolyte Caps or Similar in Spain


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Referring to this thread, @BombayBill shared an interesting video series about Hiking nutrition, hydration and one was about Electrolytes. If you go to the first video, and then look at the guy's channel, you'll find the others.

The whole idea of electrolyte replacement along with essential minerals made a lot of sense, to me at least.
So I thought I would try one of the products he recommended.

I now have a couple of bottles. But they weight about 180 gms per bottle of 100 tabs.

So I'll take one bottle with me to try them out. I'll re-watch the video, but I think he was suggesting to take one after 3 hours of hiking then every hour after that. So I could easily go through 2 bottles if I find they work well.

So my question is........rather than for example, order another bottle to be posted to a halfway point, I wonder if there isa similar local product? I would have expected so. These are not just electrolytes though. I know those are available in Spanish Pharmacies, as I have used them. Like FLEC TO MIN

I was curious to know if anyone had seen a similar product to these SaltStick in Spain?
They have more ingredients than plain electrolytes. magnesium and chloride for instance.


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Robo -

You know how annoying it is when someone asks a question on a forum (just not here!) and then someone comes in from the adjoining field (cricket, in this case) to tell them that they have the wrong question?

Yeah, I do not like that either. So, I am NOT going to be that person.

Send me a PM if you want a little bit of help working from "pills" to "easily found food on the way". The numbers on that label are easily met with "pocket food" and the usual bar stops as you go.


PS. I have to note that you are quibbling about this amount of weight when sometime back you were insistent upon carrying, as you called it, an "ass pad".;)
Let's see...
Saltstick also sells hydration powders, which one mixes into water. TBH, so do many companies. I use SaltStick, but I also use LMNT for half marathons and Caminos ;) Both are lighter weight than the tablets.

Lots of commentors here sing the praises of Aquarius drinks in Spain. I didn't use that one myself. I did use LMNT in my bladder last July.

While getting electrolytes in food and drink is best, if you know from practice/ training that you need extra electrolytes to keep going, then I'd suggest powders to mix into your bottles or bladder.
Yes I have used aquarius and electrolytes. These tablets are a bit different...
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If you are interested in electrolytes, and have not watched this, #4 in the series, I would.
the research and suggestions are very interesting.
hence my question about saltsticks……

Via PM, @Robo and I have established that I had rather "the wrong end of the stick".

He is going to plan on using the product for a venture along the VDLP where food-based alternatives for electrolytes and frequent bar stops are not within the daily expectation.

As I related to him, I typically dump bottle contents into labeled Ziploc baggies.

Mind you, times have changed since my last venture offshore. So it might be a good idea to leave product in bottles until cleared through Customs and then move to baggies.

Have a good weekend all,


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