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San Sebastian to Santiago ?


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I realise that my questions have been asked again and again, and I have read the posts, but still..
I'll be taking a bus to San Sebastian next week and then walk for a few days and eventually take buses or trains to Santiago, because I need to be back in San Sebastian on the 15th of august.
I've only decided to go to Santiago yesterday and I've never been to Spain, so I'll probably buy a guide once I am in San Sebastian, walk to Bilbao, take a bus to a town close to Santiago and then walk again . My questions for those who have already been there are:
Is it easy to get information on the camino del norte in San Sebastian, find a place to stay and figure out which way to go from there?
Are there parts of the route from San Sebastian to Bilbao in the wild, where one can be lost? or in danger of spending the night outside?
In your experience, what is the maximum distance I could walk in one day, knowing that I am 30 and I do a lot of sports?
Thank you!
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Hi Lottus,

I want to be honest with you. August is the month were most spaniards are taking their vacation. You will find San Sebastian FULL of tourists... and it can be be quite quite complicated finding accomodation in San Sebastian in August if you have not already booked.

As for sleeping outside in San Sebastian, we (an italian pilgrim and I) asked the police if we could sleep on the beach (as EVERYTHING was full)... their response to this was... Normally no, BUT...these day we will overlook it, however it is still prohibited and a lot of people are getting robbed on the beach at night while they sleep. - They told us... If we were robbed (sleeping on the beach) there would be no help to get and no insurence would cover...

If you already know when you will be spending the night in San Sebastian you should try to book a room or a bed somewhere now.... or you can, if you arrive late, take a taxi to Orio... 15 km outside S.Sebastian... this is on the route for the Camino... there are small hotels/pensions... and also a pilgrimsalbergue... (if they will let you in) - then just follow the yellow arrows the next morning...

You will probalbly also find Bilbao quite full... there is a pilgrimssalbergue 11km before Bilbao (in Lezama) and another on 8 km after... (in Portugalete).

Unfortunately all of Spain go to the north coast in August to cool them self off... and I can understand that... as the heat here in Barcelona is sometime like standing in a hot pot...

As for the guide you should be able to find one in a bookstore in San Sebastian...
As for sleeping outside during the Coastal Route... I would make sure with the locals wheter it is safe or not... between S.Sebastioan and Bbilbao you will pass through beachtowns... and small villages... one night I slept on the cold ceramic floor in the house of the church... in Itziar...

I hope you find your way. Just be aware that August is vacation time of Spain and sleeping outside on beaches might not be the best idea... even though it would be wonderful to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean...

As for maximum distance I walked one day 51 km... which I cannot remommend... 40km is not soo bad if you are in good shape... but 30km is better.

Buen Camino.

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