Sand gaiters...question specific to the sand on the RV

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This is not an equipment question as much as it is an RV specific question for those who have done the RV...
would you advise a "soft fabric" gaiter to keep the sand out.
I took rain gaiters on my first camino and never felt I mastered putting them on enough to use them.
Dirty Girl Gaiters seem to me to be a good choice for the sand walking on the RV...
any advice,
their so light that the weight is minimal if not used, but having to purchase three pair for my daughter and me makes me want to make sure it is a wise use of my money.




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I live on the pristine white sugar sand beaches of Florida most the year, I rarely train walking on the beach. It is strenous walking, I did however walk the board walks of the CP last year. Yes, sand in one's boots is a problems, so don't wear low top shoes and try sandal if you like walking on the hot sand. I really doubt gaiters would help keeping sand out of one's shoes or boots.



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I did the 65 km walk of the coastal emu in northern NSW. Much of it beach walking. Easy at low tide but hard going at high tide when walking through deep soft sand. Did try walking barefoot and in sandals but the best option turned out to be walking shoes. I didn’t have gaiters but I believe they would have been a good idea as I had to stop every now and then to empty out shoes.
I know you walk with umbrellas. We often had to use ours to make shade while walking or during rest breaks. The sun bounces off the sand and the heat can get intense.


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There are two-three days of sand walking on the Madrid route as well, through the pine forests. A bit of a slog, and the sand crept in everywhere. It would have been interesting to try gaiters - as it was, we just used the accumulation of sand as an excuse for frequent breaks. It's supposed to be good to take your shoes off periodically, that was really easy to remember on those days...
I 've taken gaiters a few times on my caminos but the trails are so well worn you are never walking thro grass/vegetation. They mifpght be useful if you get a spring-from-hell 75% rainy days. Else not so much...
My question was directed for keeping sand out on a specific route, the question got moved , allowing for the confusion...
I agree, I have packed gaiters and never used them...


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