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Hello all,

I read from the links that the Santiago bus service goes to Lugo, and from there you need to switch to another bus or taxi to get to Sarria.

We might go from Santiago to Lugo on a Sunday. My questions:

Santiago-Lugo: I saw the posts of Ivar on the bus schedules (great information!). Can we ride the bus to Lugo directly from the Santiago airport?

Lugo-Sarria taxi:
- is it difficult to get a taxi from Lugo to Sarria on a Sunday?
- if not, are these available from the Lugo bus station?
- any ideas about the taxi cost from Lugo to Sarria?

Lugo-Sarria bus:
- any ideas if these run on Sundays?

Thanks in advance!
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The airport is at Lavacolla, about 7km from Santiago. You need to go to the bus terminal in Santiago to get on the bus to Lugo.

Sundays can be a problem. Schedules of businesses (and buses) are different than on weekdays. From what I observed, taxis in Spain are unlike in Manila where you find them everywhere. I think it's more common to call a number so that a taxicab can be dispatched to you wherever you are. Information booths in bus terminals (if they are open!)should be useful.

I can sort of sense that you really want to keep the bases covered, all questions answered, all details of your journey taken care of. (Because that's what I did!) Don't over-plan and worry too much. It's fun to throw caution to the wind. You will be out of your comfort zone, enjoy it while you can. St James will look after you. ;-)



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- is it difficult to get a taxi from Lugo to Sarria on a Sunday?
There should be taxies in Lugo also on a Sunday, maybe not that many.. but they should be around.
- if not, are these available from the Lugo bus station?
There is a taxi stop right outside the bus station in Lugo.
- any ideas about the taxi cost from Lugo to Sarria?
Not sure really. To be honest I have never been in Sarria, but my guess it would be a 30 minute ride? If so that would cost you about 50-60 euros.... this is a guess... but you get the idea.

Regarding the bus schedules from Santiago to Lugo on a Sunday, I would think there are busses since many university students travel home for the weekend and the bus is the main means of transportation for student (students in Spain usually do not have a car). If you come in early to the bus station I think you should at least get to Lugo with the bus. Worst case, stay one night in old town Lugo (50 meters from the busstation). Beautiful place!

Un saludo,


Your post sounds almost exactly like one I wrote about a month ago. I am flying into Santiago on Sunday, but the flight gets in after the bus for Lugo departs. So, I am staying the night in Santiago, recovering from jet lag, then taking the bus Monday morning. I sense your frustration in trying to make this whole thing fit together. I think that, for me, it is part of the letting go process. Like Mark said, we all want to be in control of every part of our lives. Yet in doing the Camino, we are declaring to the world and to ourselves, that we are letting go. We submit to what the Camino has to offer. I am amazed at my own change of attitude, and I'm not even there yet. May you be richly blessed. John

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