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Santiago - Multiple Personality Disorder

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Yaakov Ben-Zebedi was a fisherman and a disciple of Jesus.

From about the 9th century we hear that he was an evangelist in Spain called Sant Iago.

In the same century we are told that he became Sant Iago Matamoros, a knight and a Moor slayer. ... oor-slayer

The conquistadores took him to the West where he became Sant’ Iago Mataindios (killer of Indians) ... 00004.html

And then he did a complete turn-around and in Peru he became Santiago Mataespañois – the killer of Spaniards. ... tiago.html

I think we have driven our Jimmy-boy to a bad case of multiple personality disorder!
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sillydoll said:
I think we have driven our Jimmy-boy to a bad case of multiple personality disorder!
... in any case an age activated deficiency disorder. :lol:


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And if that were not enough, we have James the Less (aka James the brother of Jesus) and Santiago "Alfeo" whose head IS in the cathedral in Santiago (in the room of the Relics - that´s him over there on the right with DG), donated by Queen Urraca in one of her appeasement attempts with Archbishop Diego Gelmirez. As to who is REALLY buried in the crypt ..... well, I guess I had better not say any more about that, except this link might be of interest: ... stela.html
and even more so, plenty of discussion on this thorny subject on this one which still claims one of the highest number of views on this forum

I was at a conference recently where one of the presenters, a professor from the University of Bristol gave a paper where he said that the Jameses have all become conflated and people often forget who is who. I have also been reading Robert Hodem´s new book where he tries to unravel them. Santiago Matamoros seen at the famous Battle of Clavijo - which almost certainly never even took place: Diego Gelmirez up to his own tricks again in the Codex Calixtinus which he commissioned along with the Historia Compostelana. People couldn´t Google the truth in those days so those who wrote the history books made it up to use to their advantage. Relics = power = money.) James became just as useful as Santiago Mataindios in the new world. All around, a pretty poor way for a saint to behave, don´t you think? :wink:
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