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santiago to sarria bus? taxi??

jeff gordon

New Member
Will be arriving in santiago late morning in july and wondered if anybody had ideas on getting to Sarria on the same day. I tried the train but it doesn't go direct and seemed to take too long plus the times don't work well. A taxi might be the fastest but I don't have any ideas how much that would cost or if there's a direct road. If you have info,I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jeff
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Staff member
Santiago to Sarria

Hi Jeff,

The bus works usually better than train in Galicia. With bus it will usually go faster and you will have more destinations and departures to choose from.


If you look at this MapQuest map, you will see that there is no "autovia" ("interstate") that cuts across from Santiago to Lugo. Therefore I would guess by car (taxi) this would be a 2-2,5 hour drive. By bus Santiago - Lugo is about 2 hours (it has a few stops on the way).

I don't think there is a direct bus from Santiago to Sarria (anyone correct me if I am wrong), but there are several busses from Santiago to Lugo. I would suggest taking the bus from Santiago to Lugo, then another bus or a taxi from Lugo to Sarria. The taxi stop in Lugo is right outside the bus station.

There are several (about 6-7) departures fro Santiago - Lugo each day. The first one around 6 am, see schedule on the ALSA website (link below).

MapQuest Route:

ALSA (bus company) website:

I hope this helps, and welcome to Santiago!



Staff member
I just recieved an e-mail with some more info on this. Things might have changed this year, but it might be an option.

Last year the Santiago Pilgrim Office gave me this info:
There is a direct bus from Santiago to Sarria from monday to friday at 18.30 h. You can also get a bus from Santiago to Lugo (every two hours) and then another one from Lugo to Sarria (every 45 minutes).


jeff gordon

New Member
I tried to get the bus schedule but for some reason my link will not work. I am actually arriving on a sunday at 11 am. Do you know if the bus still runs on weekends or if they have a limited schedule? Thanks again for all your help it is much appreciated. Jeff
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Staff member
Hi again Jeff,

I will stop by the pilgrms office or the tourist office in Santiago later today. I will ask them if they know of such a bus.

I will post a message here of what I find out.

A great day in Santiago today, 24c in the shade :!:


I just came back from Rua Vilar and I stopped by the Santiago Tourist office and asked if they know of a direct bus between Santiago and Sarria.

They told me:

The bus company Monobus, offers one daily bus from Santiago to Sarria on weekdays at 18.30

Then I continued down Rua Vilar and asked the same question at the Pilgrim's Office.

No, there are no such route. There used to be one about 2 years ago offered by Freire (the buscompany), but they do not offer this service any more. that did not help much.

The only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that there is an option Santiago - Lugo, then Lugo - Sarria.

I will keep my ears open and let you know if I find out some more.

local newspapers are always the best place to find out about times of public transport in Spain. I have often found when I ask in a tourist office that they just look in the paper. Unfortunately, this sort of info often does not appear on the online versions.


Staff member
I subscribe to La Voz de Galicia, and they do not have the bus schedules there (they have for the airlines and trains, but not busses). El Correo Gallego may have such a listing, I will check next time I read it.

Anyway, I just called "Freire" and "MonBus" in Santiago and they told me that they do not have a direct bus between Santiago and Sarria.

Freire has a bus to Lugo, and then you would have to change bus to go to Sarria. :cry:



New Member

I know there are at least two possible buses one at 1600 I think and one at 18.10 that goes to Lugo and then a connecting bus ( at both arrival times) at Lugo to Sarria.

I was wondering if there was a way of pre booking these buses and alos how much they would cost approx.

I am heading out there mid October.

Many thanks

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New Member

Just returned from my first Camino-bit a week ago, and did not know of the "have to walk the last 100km" and not just "any 100km of the Camino" to receive the Compostela. I'm ok with having walked from Villafanca de Bierzo to Palas de Rei in 4½ days, but would like to have known...Mass was a mixed experience :D
So I will come back in December (14th) and wonder: Is there an intelligent way to find out if a bus leaves for Lugo (assume that's the one you need to take to go to Palas de Rei again) December 14th at approx. 12am-1pm?
And any sound advise from anyone is greatly appreciated, so that I can buy my Yellow-Arrow souveniers with good conscience. :)
Take care all!
Regards Lars Sommer, Denmark


Staff member
Hei Lars,

Have a look at and also (if I am not mistaken) . The last site only works in Internet Explorer (!).

A quick look with Alsa found one bus leaving ar 09:45 arriving at 12:15, or the next one leaving at 16:00 arriving at 18:15. I am on a Mac so I can not look at Freire, but have a look and see if they have anything better.

Buen camino!



New Member
Hej Ivar,

thx a lot - very helpful to us!

This time we will be slightly better prepared, thanks to you! :)

Will try to walk the last 67 km from December 14 - 16 (in the rain I'm sure)

Congratulations on your overall effort here! Buen Camino!

Regards Sommer


New Member
Hi there

I will be walking to Santiago from close to Aire-sur-L'Adour in Sept/Oct with a friend.

Our wives are planning to fly from the UK to Santiago and then bus out to meet us in Sarria and walk from there to Santiago...

Problem is that I am not confident of the direct bus service from Santiago to Sarria.

I would be grateful if anyone has reliable information about the bus service direct from the airport at Santiago, to Sarria on a Friday.



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