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COVID Santo Domingo de la Calzada Suffering


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It is heartbreaking, what happens in our beloved Spain. The only uplifting point in this article, is that it seems they want us pilgrims back... I hope so.


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We are hoping to do a short section of the Camino Francés as soon as it's safe and sensible to do so. On the intinerary is Santo Domingo de la Calzada. We live in Madrid, so it's not too much effort to get up to the Camino Francés around Logroño, or possibly a bit before, and head west for 7 to 10 days. Try and spread the love we have for the Camino and spend whatever we can afford supporting the Camino infrastructure en-route.
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One of our favorite towns on the camino. We have stayed in the paradors all three times, visited the cathedral and have favorite places to visit in the city. Very sad. We'll continue to pray for the deceased and the survivors. Bob


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Sad to read this , We stayed at the convent in this town last year . Didn't get much of a chance to explore it as was a tiring day walking on a warm day as I recall . The town was quite even then .Please God it will recover and as someone has already suggested the article seems to suggest that they look forward to the day when they can welcome pilgrims again.
Their patron saint would be glad for that.


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The pain so many are feeling is just unbearable. It is overwhelming just to read about it. I am so lucky that, so far, I have been spared the horror of living it. I can only hope this town like all towns that have given so much to so many people have their prayers and hopes answered soon.
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So sad. One of my favorite towns on the Frances. I had to spend two nights there and went to the doctor for tendonitis. He was just wonderful, and the hoteliers at El Molino de Floren took such good care of me. I was able to walk again after good advice from the doctor but will never forget the care and hospitality I received in this town. I will visit again, God willing.


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One of my favorite stops on the Frances. Have stayed there three times. One time when I was there and staying at the albergue the town put on a traditional dinner for everyone in the albergue. Was delicious and they served it to us wearing traditional clothing. so warm and hospitable.
I pray and hope a solution to the virus comes soon.


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Also one of my favorite towns, whether on Camino of just vacationing in Spain. Sad to see. I hope to visit again soon.


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Praying for all in Santo Domingo and indeed all of Spain. This pandemic is just so unbelievable - did we all forget about the man above in our busy lives? We stayed in the Convent in Santo Domingo two years ago, the nuns couldnt do enough for us - beautiful memories!


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This report breaks my heart and I feel sitting on my hill in Australia so useless not being able help, but as a pilgrim I will be back as soon as I can to light a candles and stay a few days to help in whatever way I can. God Bless,
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I worked as a hospitalero there when the big albergue was a donativo albergue.

When I went to buy dinner at the local bar every evening, it was interesting for me, to see so many elderly people there with the young family and possibly a carer. There many were old people and many taken out for evening drinks - a cared-for group. In so many cultures that sense of family is not there.

So ... not sure what to say.
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I have the fondest memories of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. While walking back to the albergue, I found three ladies that reminded me of my mother and aunts enjoying an evening stroll. I will pray for all affected and I am anxious to return and join in the rebuilding of Spain.



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Could someone please translate for me? I understand most of the article, but does it indicate how many children have died? That's the detail Google Translate is letting me down on! Thank you!


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Ahh so sad. Loved that place the two times I have stayed there. Such lovely memories.

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I don't believe hijos in this instance really means children but rather sons of the village or something like that. I believe that this is the total number of people in the city who have died. I'm by no means an expert on Castillian language however
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