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Sarria questions


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We are planning to begin our Camino in Sarria this September. I have 3 questions, hope you all can help:

1. What's the best way to get to Sarria from Madrid, but without seeing the Santiago cathedral before we do the walk? I ask because I know I can go Madrid-Santiago by air but am afraid I will end up seeing the cathedral before we even begin our walk! (I want to see that at the end of our walk!)

2. If we walk Sarria-Santiago, will that be enough distance to get the Camino certificate?

3. Where in Sarria do I get a credencial?


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I can't answer your first question, sorry. I started in SJPP.

Sarria is 112 km from Santiago according to the CSJ pilgrim's guide. If you walk, you will get your compostela. Just don't foget to get 2 sellos a day.

You can get a credencial at the shop by the foot of the public stairs going up to the Sta. Marina church and the albergue in the old section of town. Costs a couple of euros I think. It also has lots of souvenirs and lightweight hiking gear on sale. Don't forget to sign on the world map above the door, the shopkeeper will gladly get it down for you. Last May only three Filipinos signed on the space by the Philippines, whereas Europe was a mess of signatures.

Enjoy your camino. Kumain ka nang mabuti.


Mark TQM


Don't worry about seeing the cathedral early if you take a route via Santiago. I'm amazed how far you have to walk through the outskirts of town on the final part of the route to even get a glimpse of the towers!

If you fly to the airport, get the shuttle bus to bus station and then hop on a ride to Sarria (via Lugo?) you won't get a glimpse of Santiago being more than just another Spanish town. There's a good sized hill to protect you from seeing the old city from the bus station and, as I recall, you don't even see much of the city (let alone the cathedral) on the journey from the airport.

Alternatively, you could get a bus from Madrid to Lugo and thence to Sarria (; it may end up not taking that much longer, once you take into account checking in early, sitting around in the airport and then waiting for suitable bus connections.



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Thanks, Mark and Wulf! Your replies are great - definitely the kind of information I haven't been able to get from the guidebooks.

I'll try the bus website; we are now also considering just taking an overnight train from Madrid to Sarria.

(Mark, we'll definitely try to sign that map.)

Thanks to you both, again!


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I would really like to know how your camino turned out. I'm starting my camino in mid-October (Sarria-Santiago). I have the same questions you have - bus/taxi/etc. Any suggestions would really be helpful! Salamat!
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