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Scallop Shells & Trekking Poles – Camino Primitivo


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One of the few items I did not pack (because I thought they would be SO available for purchase in Oviedo) – A Pilgrim’s Scallop Shell!

However – I could not find one in the city... I was shocked.

At the tourist shop – I was told that the shell is mainly popular in Galicia.

I was able to buy a small shell pin at the shop across from the Cathedral and was glad to have it. I wore it in my hat. I did find shells in Galicia towards the end of the journey.

It’s possible I may have tracked one down with extensive effort – but the point is they are not easy to find there.

So, if that is something important to you – and you are starting in Oviedo – consider bringing your own – Or perhaps a local could post a specific suggestion here for finding one.

This didn't hinder me in any way - but I had wanted to share in the tradition of displaying the symbol of the pilgrimage from my starting point.

Also, I thought I would easily find a great walking stick in the woods - but I did not come across any that were suitable.

I found a nice stick by that stream I fell into - but I lost it sliding down a rock the following day.

Having a pole would have probably stabilized my knee - which was very inflamed by the end.

I saw amigos of all age groups with knee issues on this route.

I had to buy a knee brace at a pharmacy in Castroverde – and that helped me to continue.
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peregrina09 said:
I saw amigos of all age groups with knee issues on this route.

Sadly I met 3 perigrinos going limping to the bus in Cadavo. I did notice that none of them had sticks / poles. If others are reading this, please, please take note that some kind of walking aid (and I don't mean a zimmer frame!) is vital on the Camino Primitivo! It is the constant jarring of sensitive knee tissue on the descents that does the damage.

Walk well and safely
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In Oviedo there´s an entire street of sidrerias and seafood restaurants called Calle Gascon, or Gascogne, or something very similar, just down the street from the cathedral. When I was there a few weeks ago it was trash collection day, and a couple of the restaurants were throwing out great piles of... scallop shells!

Find a marisco bar, or go to the fish market. You might have to order some coquilles san jacques, and you might have to scrub them, but the shells are very much there!

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Posts about where to buy scallop shells in the US, or on Amazon etc, are moved from the Camino Primitivo forum to a new thread which can be found here:

Where to buy Scallop Shells
Feel free to continue the discussion there.

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