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Semana Santa - Holy Week - what is it like in Spain?

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Many thanks for sharing your handsome, personal and emotional Holy Week story! To each his own...mspath


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Your pictures brought back many memories for me of our trip to Andalucia in 1997 during Holy Week. It was a phenomenal experience for us and especially for our children (13, 11 & 9 at the time). One vivid memory for me was watching a neighbourhood band (in their typical mediaeval costume) pause outside a bar for refreshment - glasses of vino tinto all round, and smokes for those in need of nicotine, while instruments rested propped against the wall. Easter celebrations are such hard work :!: , but it was a convivial and joyous atmosphere.

Another memory was of nearly being pick-pocketed amidst the crowds in a Sevilla plaza, but that's another story... :evil:

Muchas gracias,

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