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Sending a guide to Zamora


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I can't find an email address to ask directly....so....does anyone know if it is possible to send my own little printed notes (including Laurie's guide) of the Invierno route to the Municipal Albergue in Zamora to pick up when I finish the Levante? Obviously I'd include a note of explanation and with my anticipated arrival date. I'd really like to not carry those pages for a while if possible!


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The albergue phone numbers are on Gronze. If you call, you might be able to ask a volunteer hospitalero/hospitalera for an email address of the albergue management. It's a long shot. I have a feeling that the management of the Zamora albergue will advise you not to send mail for collection. I don't think they offer poste restante and in my experience, they're quite firm about what they will and won't do. (To be clear, I don't disagree with their rules or their enforcement of those rules. They run a tight ship. I approve).
You might have better luck if you contact a private albergue somewhere along your route - somewhere that is permanently staffed by the same people. It might not be standard service for them, but they don't have the logistical challenge of explaining the waiting envelope to a carousel of volunteer hospitaleros/hospitaleras. Luxury hotels might charge a fee for the service - family run operations would probably do it as a kindness.
Should you not find a place that will hold your mail, I would suggest an alternative - Save your document to a USB memory card and upload a copy to the cloud (in case the shop won't let you use the USB memory card). Then get it printed at Franja in Zamora:
Or at Original in Ponferrada
Personally, I prefer not to print anything - Just store documents as PDFs on my phone or in the cloud.
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Past: (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018)-Frances, Baztan, San Salvador, Primitivo, Fisterra,VdlP, Madrid
Thanks for great suggestions @Raggy I would like to NOT take paper copies but I have had random things go wrong with my otherwise perfectly good phone on three of my caminos meaning I have been unable to access my carefully stored PDFs! So I’m happy to carry some sheets of paper for peace of mind.
Private albergue is the perfect place to start I think.

C clearly

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You might email the PDF file to yourself. If your PDF reader (or anything else) becomes a problem, you can access your email from your own or another's computer/phone. Then when you are in a hotel or hostal, ask if you can forward the email to them for printing.


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Hi Rachel
My thoughts about sending mail to the Zamora Albergue are pretty much same as @Raggy ’s

I stayed there on my way in early May this year. Well run but (doubt? ) holding mail would be something they do.

Returning home a week later, I booked a night in Zamora at Hostal Chiqui.. I booked through booking but the website shows an info email address. Link : https://hostalchiqui.es/
Maybe you could put your question to them .
Btw. If you actually wanted to stay there - It’s a very nice place .. quiet and tasteful.

I understand your problem and hope you find a solution you’re happy with. I’ll be following your way.

Buen camino.


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Why not send it to yourself when you arrive in Spain, via Correos. Lista de Correos, your name, adress to the postoffice in Zamora.
They usually keep it for 2 weeks but if you write on the outside when you will pick it up, they usually keep it until then.

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I now take screenshots on my phone of my guidebooks before I leave home. It doesn't take up as much time as you think to do this. Then I have all the little notes I have accumulated in the margins from tips gleaned from forum members. No need to send anything ahead.

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