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If you are planning to start a Camino in September 2023, you are invited to add a post to this thread – scroll down to the last post, and create a new post giving your expected start date, start location, and the route if it is not the Francés.

Moderators will edit this first post to update the list. We will delete new posts regularly, after the list is updated, to keep the thread compact and easier to update. Post again if you see mistakes or omissions. (If you want to change your date, please tell us the old date as well as the new one so we don't need to hunt for it!)

This thread is intended only for updating the list of planned starts, so further discussion of plans, preparations, ride shares, etc., should be done on other threads or private Conversation.

, which creates a quote. Do not try to edit the list on a quote. Instead, go to the bottom of the thread (where the box for "Post reply" appears before the photos) and add a new post with the information.

Don't add emojis to your posts, since moderators use emojis to signal to each other that the post has been taken care of.

All the monthly threads are pinned to the top of the "Introduce yourself..." section of the forum here.

September 1
- @Shefollowsarrows (Irun - Norte). @TashH (Porto). @canyonhiker (Pamplona). @Frankybaby66 (Matosinhos) @Cleenjones (Le Puy).

September 2 - @DirtAmy (Porto). @revry (SJPP). @AJo⁸y (SJPP). @Kristen Alvarez (SJPP).

September 3 - @GlendaMac (SJPP). @Cityjune (Ferrol - Inglés). @PNWMel (SJPP).

September 4 - @candi (SJPP). @polesneeded (SJPP).

September 5 - @Ladybird1093 (Burgos) @CalDevere (Porto) @Susan T (SJPP).

September 7 - @Rick M (Lisbon). @morriskr (SJPP). @Jensjaunt (SJPP).. @Jensjaunt (SJPP) @Juno (Caceres).

September 8 - @chuckhibbs (SJPP).

September 9 - @Lynne (USA/Crete Greece) (Lisbon). @Bartm72 (SJPP). @Pargles (SJPP).

September 10 -

September 11 - @Jichat (SJPP), @annette zarb (Porto). @GABirdGirl (Gijon, Norte).

September 12 - @David with new Kit! (Ferrol). @DanielH (Porto).

September 13 - @Eddiew (SJPP).

September 14 - @Levi (Aosta - Via Francigena). @SoundguyO (Pamplona). @Kitsambler (SJPP) @Juliana K (Zamora)

September 15 - @dbier (Oviedo - Primitivo). @KFH (SJPP).

September 16 - @thepacman (Seville, VDLP). @Hertsseasider (Ferrol). @AbuelitaWalking (SJPP). @Karma_m (Le Puy) @JWB (Irún).

September 17 - @Maurice Frank (SJPP).

September 18 - @LISAjoan (Irún-Norte). @PeteD (Irún-Norte) @bbb67 (Sarria).

September 19 -

September 20 - @KathieAu (Lisboa). @Tooth (Porto). @kensteve51 (SJPP). @irrie (Porto). @Nelle (SJPP) @Steven F. (SJPP).

September 21 - @RainbowWalker (Ferrol - Inglés)

September 22 - @Sarge63 (SJPP). @RSiv (Porto-Litoral) @Packerchef1 (Irun).

September 23 - @Derek Taylor (Madrid). @Roseangel (SJPP). @Peter Nordberg (Sevilla). @SarahisAstounded (SJPP)

September 24 - @DreamWeaver (SJPP) @MARSKA (SJPP).

September 25 -

September 26 - @darcelona (SJPP)

September 27 - @Cathy G (Logroño).

September 28 - @Vivian Marshall (SJPP). @ElCee (Porto).

September 29 - @jfgough (SJPP)

September 30 -
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Camino Way markers in Bronze
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk. Discount is taken at check out, only by using this link.
I have decided to start from SJPDP on the morning of Sept. 24th. I plan to stay in Pamplona on 9/21 (flying from US to Madrid then train to Pamplona ). I'll take the bus from Irun to SJPDP on 9/22 and rest there in SJPDP 1 extra night before starting the climb on the 24th. Time cannot pass fast enough! I'll have about 40 days to walk. Not sure how far I will get because I like to "smell the roses". Buen Camino, All!
-Kat (Marska) from Omaha, NE
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Hi all,

My Hubbie and myself are planning, if the rest of our trip goes to plan, to start walking from Le Puy around 16th September... though have just discovered there is a couple of big Rugby world cup games happening around that time which is making transport and accom in Lyon hard. C'est la vie
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Hi! My friend and I plan to start in Gijon (Norte) on Sept. 11. Life has thrown a couple of curveballs this year, so we are using Santiago Ways for lodging/portage on our self-guided walk. Hoping to meet cycling friends in Santiago on September 25. Looking forward to seeing you all along the trail. Buen Camino!
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2023 Camino Guides
The 2023 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
Hello, I’m doing another stage on the VDLP from Caceres to Zamora and start from Caceres on the 7th September. It was amazing from Seville to Caceres so hopefully I’ll meet some more lovely pilgrims on this journey.✅
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I'll be starting Sept 22 from SJPP, taking a few rest days along the way and ending on Oct 30th. My husband will join the last week, and perhaps my cousin will join somewhere in the middle.
I'll be starting Sept 22 from SJPP, taking a few rest days along the way and ending on Oct 30th. My husband will join the last week, and perhaps my cousin will join somewhere in the middle.
Starting on Sept 22nd in SJPP as well and meeting my wife in Paris afterwards. Cya on the trail and Buen Camino. Kevin
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John Brierley 2023 Camino Guide
Get your today and start planning.
Starting from SJPP on 29 August. Stopping in Auberge Borda for the night to ease into my walk. Giving myself about 6 weeks to meander and enjoy my first camino.
Buen Camino
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I and two friends will be walking the Camino de Invierno and the last two stages of the Camino Sanabres, going from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. We will start on September 16.
Walking Sarria to Santiago from Monday Sept 18th arriving at Santiago airport on the 17th. Looking to see if anyone is interested in sharing a taxi from airport to Sarria on afternoon of Sunday September 17th.

Most read last week in this forum

Hi. I’m Alex. Leaving tomorrow for Madrid. Will be in SJPP on Sun. How’s the weather? See you soon!
I will be doing the Camino Frances and it will be my first Camino. I'm planning to start Sept 10th from SJPP. I want to visit Italy after the Camino and eat some amazing Italian food. I'm nervous...
Hello Just wondering if anyone would like to share a 2023 copy of the Pilgrim accommodation along the Camino Frances please. I am wanting to stay in low cost accommodation to keep costs low as...
Please as I am new to the forum educate me on what to do. I plan to walk the Camino in September 2024, but have much to do before then.
Enjoying my final section of unwalked Camino Frances over two years to Fisterra. A day off in Sahagun. Apparently this is the halfway point and certificate is available at the Santuario del la...
My name is Robin and I am new to the forum. Looking forward to this beautiful journey!

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