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Set to go on March 25th ???????


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Camino Madrid/San Salvador/Primitivo-2021
I believe I am ready to go on my Journey. I will be leaving on March 25th from SJPdP. I do expect to encounter the unexpected. That being said, I do have at least four lingering questions/concerns. The first being the weather. This one I will leave to chance and hope the sun smiles warmly upon me. Next, I am slightly concerned about Albergue's being open this early in the season. Can someone offer some insight on this question? Next, financials. How much cash should I carry? Are there ATM's in everytown or only the larger cities. Is a debit card the right card tocarry? Any insight here would be appreciated. Finally, Communication. I do not speak Spanish. Will this be an impediment to my journey? Are there key phrases, questions I should learn?

Thanks again to all for your insight and I look forward to my journey and the people I will meet along the path.

Joe Flavin
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I will be about 10 days ahead of you, Joe. I do not expect you to have much problem with the albergues being open...although last year we encountered some without heat turned on yet. :shock:
It is all part of the Camino experience and there is always the private albergues, hostels, and small hotels. You will be fine.
I usually carry a 2 to 3 hundred Euro with me. Others seem to think that they may be robbed at any time and carry less. :? Just be as careful as you would be at home traveling and you will not see any problems.
There are ATM's in any fair size town and, of course in the cities. I would recommend that you take out an adequate amount each time to save on the fees. You can always carry it in your underwear if you don't feel safe. :lol:
Many Pilgrims do not speak either Spanish or English and get by very well. You will not have any serious problems and will get very good a charades. The people along the way are used to non-Spanish speaking Pilgrims and for the most part will find a way to communicate with you.
Enjoy your Camino. Every challenge you encounter will enrich your memories.

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