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Sharing “camino angel” stories

Dancing Rain

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Camino Frances (2015)
Camino Salvado (2017)
Camino Frances (2018)
A “camino angel” is someone who provides unsolicited support on the camino, acting with an open heart, for reasons beyond themselves. It often creates a moment of “camino magic” .........

I will always be grateful to an Ages albergue owner (first one after walking in from San Juan de Ortega in Sept 2015).

We had walked about one km past the town and he came running after us. He wasn’t a young man and was struggling! We’d stopped for breakfast, and somehow I’d managed to leave a small travel wallet behind with cash and a credit card in it. He was returning it.

A precious moment of feeling deeply cared for. Thank you lovely man, I hope somehow you’ll know how much what you did meant to me. I felt blessed by your humanity
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The Dutch guy
Camino(s) past & future
Breathe properly.
Stay curious.
And walk a camino.
A little snippet from my camino journal:

"The walk went smoothly, until my walking buddy ran out of water. No big deal though: just ask someone in the street in Montbré where we were ambling through. And indeed, no problem at all. In fact, the man who was gracious enough to refill our empty bottles also unexpectedly asked us whether we would like a complementary bottle of champagne. "Well, if you're offering..." my buddy responded immediately.

And that is why last night (unfortunately on a Sunday so everything was closed in Rilly-la-Montagne), we sat down at our destination to enjoy a dinner of 3 eggs, one banana, some slices of bread and a bit of pear confiture divided between the both of us. And said bottle of champagne.

The best part is that we had to pick up our key at the Allee Dom Perignon, and the name of the residence we could sleep at was very appropriately called Gite du Champagne. Just another day in the Champagne region of France."
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Frances, autumn/winter; 2004, 2005-2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
One never knows where or when you might need and meet a camino angel.

November 1, 2004, after crossing the long medieval bridge over the river Orbigo I entered the town of Hospital de Órbigo. Attempting to photograph the parish church I lost my footing and fell head first onto the irregular pavement! My pack crashed into my right shoulder. Flat on the ground my forehead and shoulder hurt like hell! Gently two pilgrims helped me up. An egg was quickly swelling on my forehead (by day’s end I resembled Cyclopes). After exiting the Día de todos los Santos mass a kind Spanish couple appproached and the man said “Don’t worry, madam, I am a Chevalier de Santiago and will help”. They quickly took me to the regional hospital, where I was told to rest, and see a doctor again the following day.

The couple graciously invited me to lunch at their house. My host explained that the Chevaliers de Santiago are a group of Catholic men, who have been nominated to become members and who pledge to foster the Camino and help all pilgrims. In the Spanish custom lunch lasted at least four hours! Two charming adult sons cut my food while I alternately held ice to my head and tryied to eat with my left hand since the right shoulder and arm were extremely painful. Nevertheless, how, lucky I was to be able to move and to have met not one but a family of guardian angels!

Early next morning the Chevalier and the local priest walked into the albergue dorm to see how I was doing! The priest, the Chevalier and his wife accompanied me to the local doctor's office adjacent to the church. When we four entered the examination room, the Chevalier said to the doctor “Another one has fallen!” It seemed that earlier other pilgrims had also stumbled on that same paving where I tripped. Again I ate with the Chevalier and his family.

..Now after all these years I still fondly remember their kindnesses and spontaneous gracious hospitality. It was, indeed, heartfelt camino caritas.
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I'am not perfect, but I'm always myself!!!
...We’d stopped for breakfast, and somehow I’d managed to leave my small travel wallet behind with cash and a credit card in it. ...

I know this is a bit off topic but you should never carry bank/credit cards or any kind of important personal documents in "small travel wallet". Small travel wallet is something I call "fake wallet". A wallet with old expired bank/credit cards, library/fitness club/public transport cards (as a decoy) and max.50€.

Have a nice day!

Dancing Rain

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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2015)
Camino Salvado (2017)
Camino Frances (2018)

I know this is a bit off topic but you should never carry bank/credit cards or any kind of important personal documents in "small travel wallet". Small travel wallet is something I call "fake wallet". A wallet with old expired bank/credit cards, library/fitness club/public transport cards (as a decoy) and max.50€.

Have a nice day!
(“Small travel wallet” used to simplify the story! I like a step between “fake wallet” and disrobing with some difficulty to access what I’ve stored safely in my money belt.)

Wouldn’t have been the end of the world for me if this “small travel wallet” had gone, at the same time the amazing effort this man went to to get it back to me deeply touched my heart


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CF(x4), Fisterra/Muxía(x2), VdlP, Jerusalem, VF, Walsingham,
C inglés. 2019? Who knows! ;-)
On my first Camino, I was walking into Castrojeriz with a peregrina and we could hear someone shouting.... We stopped....
Turned out it was someone from San Anton -where we had stopped on our way - who was bringing back my friend’s credential she had left behind!
Amazing kindness. Never forgotten.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2013)
I was leaving SJPP around midday heading to Valcarlos, when I heard someone calling after me. It was the proprietress of the cafe where I had had breakfast a couple hours earlier, with my poles in hand; up to that time I hadn’t realized they were missing. She said she had been looking out for me ever since I had breakfasted there. Again, such kindness.

Morgan Holmes

Every day is a path to walk.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances to Santiago from SJPDP (2014); Fromistá to Santiago (2018).
Where were we? Somewhere past Melide in late August, heading uphill in the heat of the day. We stopped in one of the small villages along the way so I could douse my hair and soak my Buff, and so Spouse could refill his bottles.

An elderly man... north of 85 I'd guess by wrinkles, arthritic fingers, the cane and the layered vest and cardigan... worn out dress shoes... He gestured to us, and indicated that he wished to know if we intended to go all the way to Santiago. We indicated that we did, and he unfurled his hands, so very weathered, and offered us lovely little green plums. There were 4 little plums and he insisted we take them all. We did and they were absolutely lovely. The sugar was just enough to carry us several kilometres to our next stop.

I will never know his name, but will never forget his very sweet, simple gesture.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Francis SJdPP to Astorga (Apr 2018)
Astorga to Santiago (Sept 2018);Camino Ingles (2018)
I’m on the camino English. Just started from Ferrol after completing the camino Francés. A bit crazy to take on another. So here I am stumbling along thru Ferrols streets -wind blowing like mad- I can’t seem to find the arrows. So coming down one of the walks by a park I notice this man who looked down and out. I knew he saw me. But he turned sideways. It was still dark out - I was thinking darn I was stupid for not moving my wallet etc in my safe spot. I thought I’m going to get robbed. It’s my fault for not following “the rules”. Anyway. As I approached him he turned and started walking along side. I felt apprehensive. He spoke Spanish asking me my name. Oh ok this isn’t good. I told him I didn’t speak Spanish. I noticed how down trodden he looked. He kept walking with me. This isn’t good so I gave him a big Texas smile and said “God BlessYou.” Didn’t know what else to say. So then He pointed out the camino arrow I almost missed and turned the other way. I was relieved but thought what just happened. I was lost in the dark - this man appeared - helped me and poof was gone. A camino angel? For me he was


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My feet are a wreck. I was recovering from cellulitus and had had a rough day. We still had a distance to go and we were walking through hills. At the top of a path sat a pair of Tevas in the middle of the path. My walking partner called to me and told me to try them on. I removed my shoes that my swollen feet were cramped in. The tevas for and I made it to the next albergue. Thank you God/Camino angel.


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Sept, 24 - Oct 8 (2018)
I am 65 arthritic with a previously broken ankle. I just completed my Camino Sarria to Santiago. I have many Angel stories but the one that stands out is when I was having difficulty traversing the long downhill into Ribidiso. A beautiful generous woman from Canada offered her assistance. She taught me to walk backwards to take the pressure off my ankle and knee by walking behind me with her hand gently on my back giving me assurance. After that I was able to safely descend steep hills solo and complete my Camino. God blessed me with wonderful heavenly helpers throughout my journey. I am forever grateful.
Camino(s) past & future
Cycling Lisbon to Santiago - Oct/Nov 2015
2019? - TBD, I have 2-3 weeks and don't really like crowds
From my notes - Camino Portugues just north of Lisbon, Oct 2015:

The rest of the way to Alverca went smoothly, still raining though, and we easily navigated the bikes through the rail stations via the elevators, but it was now starting to get dark.

Second set of issues, we couldn’t find the road where there were places to stay. We ended up on the highway, in the pouring rain, riding around and continually asking for directions, then Jenny ended up with a flat. Luckily we were ‘saved’, a women named Vanessa (our first Camino angel) stopped her car, got out and ended up walking/directing us to her fathers place – Alfa 10 Hospedaria. Great place, very highly recommended, they ended up taking our wet muddy clothes and washing/drying them for us that evening. Bike storage here was in the large, locked, laundry room.

The next morning another women who workwd there found us scrub brushes and rags to clean the bikes and she helped us!. I fixed the flat tire and then we were off again
Camino(s) past & future
I was blessed with two of these moments a few weeks ago. The first when a kind vineyard worker hauling a crate of grapes upon his shoulder, lowered to offer this weary pilgrim a bunch. When he saw my modest bunch, he insisted I take more but I had what I needed when I needed it most. Another time when two pilgrims were shouting at me from behind and when I approached them, one returned my lens cap. What kindness to chase me down to make sure I didn't lose it. The Camino provides in all ways.

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