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I'm not sure what you're asking... if they have showers? how the showers work? What specifically do you want to know?


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Sorry 8) Yes, do they have showers? Are they private/communal showers? Can you really bring your clothes/passport in without them getting soaked too? Stuff like that...
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2006 to date: Over 21 Caminos. See signature line

Yes, they have showers.
In summer, they're often cold, but it feels good.
Many have hot water, or at least "very warm" but it's not like at home.

The showers are almost always private or at least semi private. For instance, in the girls' locker, the shower stalls may not have doors, but they have walls between each shower. Believe me, nobody is interested in googling you... everyone wants to get their shower and get out. :)

The showers are small. You must take a ziplock baggie to put your passport and money in and TAKE IT INTO THE SHOWER WITH YOU. Never leave it with anyone else or in your bags. There are threads about this that you can find on here.

Does that help?
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In the last week from what I remember. However I always appreciated a bed.

Valenca do Mihno: male & female seperate showers

Redondela: think they're separate; hot water(..when I stepped in.) Warm albergue.

Pontevedra: seperate; hot water AND underfloor heating throughout albergue!!!

Caldas de Reis; 1 shower for all; hot water.

Padron; seperate;hot water.

Buen camino


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There is often no (or at least very little) space to store your clothes while you shower. I brought along a plastic hook that fit over the door/wall so that I could hang my belongings while showering.


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Crackermac, I think you've got it nailed there! I do remember Redondella being very "modern" Black stone in the bathrooms...Padron and interesting refit for the old tad chilly, but it was a really cold wet May in '08. We stayed in Porrino...which had a purpose build Alburge...and the Bathrooms were great..hand dryers in 'em. Although we wanted to kill someone who spend the late night hours using the hand dryer as a laundry dryer! So future Pilgrims not use hand dryers on you laundry unless everyone else is awake!! :evil:

Buen Camino All,


i just came back from the camino portuguese.
the bathrooms are almost all of them very modern. in may there were not so many people walking , so there were no lines standing for showers :) hot water everywhere. so no problem. in Redondela there are even washing mashines !!! so do not panic!!!!! :) everything is fine

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