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Simblissity BotSpot - Shoulder Strap-mounted bottle pouch


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I would appreciate forum members' comments on an item called the Simblissity BotSpot. I tried to upload a picture, but no luck, so have added the Backpacking Light URL instead:

Anyway, the item is a strap-mounted pouch (mounts to the backback front shoulder stap) for keeping a water bottle easily assessible.

The web site description reads: "Enhance your water hauling capabilities with the BotSpot, an ultralight bottle holder that attaches securely to your backpack's shoulder strap. BotSpot will hold a wide range of bottle sizes, including quart and liter bottles*, yet it won't bounce or wobble around - even with a full load of water. Removal and replacement of your bottle is quick and easy too, so now you can drink freely without having to stop and remove your backpack to get at those oh-so-pesky side pockets!"

Made of proven 70D silicone-coated nylon and polyester mesh durable construction, 7.25 inches tall x cinchable 11 inches circumference (holds bottles up to 10.5 inches around). 0.98 ounces (28 grams)

I'm strongly considering buying one, as I needed a lot of water for my last walk (and have already begun shopping for my 2011 trek) and found reaching around to the side of my backpack almost impossible. So would welcome other's opinions on this product. Or maybe someone has even tried it out and can report back on its usefulness of not? Thanks.

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I like this very much. I use an Atmos 50 rucksack which has two mesh pockets on the hip belt where I walk with two small bottles of water - readily available. Almost like using a Camelback. Good luck with it.



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Looks useful! On the other hand, reaching for the just reachable water bottle both left and right for 10 times a day, does improve my flexiblility after a month, I must say :mrgreen:


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Sheesh said:
I would appreciate forum members' comments on an item called the Simblissity BotSpot.....Or maybe someone has even tried it out and can report back on its usefulness of not? Thanks.

Looks like that 'someone' is going to be you Sheesh! This seems like a very useful little devise indeed.
It would be great if you could post any feedback on your Simbissity Botspot road tests.


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My very high-tech solution to this was to put my 70cl sigg bottle in the thigh pocket of my trousers.

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I use a neoprene bottle holder that straps onto a waistbelt. It holds a 500ml bottle very comfortably.


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I took two of the following bottle holders - (sorry, tried uploading a photo but don't know how) ... de=ALITEBH
The reason I took two? One to hold my water bottle the other to hold my reading glasses, mobile phone and maps for that day. They worked fantastically, the pouches are super light and both hooked onto the waist strap of my backpack. I had easy access to everything I needed.

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