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Size of alberque pillows?


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This may sound like a dumb question: what are the typical dimensions of an albergue pillow? I am thinking about making a pillowcase. If anyone has this information at their finger tips, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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I found most of them to be European pillows, the long, round kind. I made a pocket in my sleep sack that fit -- about 30" x 10".


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I used my sarong as a pillow case in the night time, a sun screen in the daytime and sometimes it was my towel after taking a shower. And once my dress.

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Anniesantiago said:
The ones I saw were just standard size pillows.

But whose standard sized pillows?

In the UK we have rectangular pillows (which are of course the Proper ones)
Then there are the square ones (US?)
Then there are the bolsters as Falcon describes.

I go with the sarong idea, which fits all eventualities.
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Most pillows were the rectangular ones - not like the ones in my country.
My sarong is quite worn out, soft, easy to wash and dries quickly.
Very nice for many purposes.


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It's the Feast of St Columba today, pilgrims could copy him and use a stone. Lots of those around every day, so no need to carry extra weight,



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Well, I've lived in England, Italy, France and Switzerland, plus Syria, Egypt and now Costa Rica. Each country seems to have a different size! My Dutch mother in law, still had even a different size and shape! So I took one of my children's old threadbare pillow cases which I had made years back, to the size of 50x80 cms. It seemed to do the job. Not a perfect fit, but at least the pillow slipped into the pillowcase! I also often used my old faithful keffieh (Arab headscarf) which I wouldn't be without anywhere. It doubles up for sooooo many things. Anne


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I second the use of a sarong. Everything you pack adds to your weight so a pillow case isn't worth carrying. I used my sarong and like a previous post, it's good for other things too. I used it during the night to go to the toilet (I slept in just a t-shirt and knickers), used it under my hat to protect my back and shoulders on really hot days, and also it's a good sun screener for a nap under a tree. Leave the pillow case behind and get a sarong! :)

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A "European pillow" is 26" x 26". An American pillow is 20" x 26" (standard size). The round bolsters, found extensively in France but less often in Spain, may be as much at 40" long and about 8" in diameter. I made the pillow pocket to accommodate the French bolster pillow, and the others fit into it with a little extra material at each end. I like the pocket because it keeps my head from contacting the pillow, but keeps the pillow at the top of my sleep sack. A treatment of the entire thing with permethrin, and it is bedbug-proof, under three ounces, and water repellent. It adds about 10 degrees (F) of warmth. My permethrin treated soft Tyvek blanket (48" x 80") is another four ounces, and adds another 10 degrees of warmth. After that, I need an albergue blanket, whose germs and bedbugs are kept away by both the Tyvek and sleep sack ...
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sometimes you gotta ask yourself if you´re planning a bit too precisely? Just go there without a pillowcase, and if you need one, buy one at the Chino "five-and-dime." Still no reports of insects yet this year, so the poison treatments might not be required, even.

relax. this is supposed to be somewhat enjoyable.


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If you have a sleeping bag liner with a pillow pocket try this. Turn the pillow pocket inside out and put your head in it. It keeps your head warm and off the pillow and mattress. Mine came anti-insect treated - a bonus, although no sign of any creepy crawlies on my Camino.
Sleep well.
Tio Tel


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I am always telling people to pack less. But in the case of pillows, I would highly recommend to pack some sort of something to put over the pillow, as some of the refuge pillows are a bit grubby and gross. Just a square of cotton would do. Most refuge pillows are continental sized (long thin rectangle), if you really want to obtain a proper pillow case. Someone has given the size in a previous post.


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How long do you think the tires on my car will last? I guess we All have our concerns.... It totally amazes me what we obsess about... I remember thinking the canadian credential was TOO loud and garish and I rejected it before my camino.... Perhaps many of our questions, are quite ridiculous..yet important at the time. Something to think about....something to sing about.... this land of ours...Funny what we worry about...


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I find them not consistent. I have an inflatable travel pillow (the ones that hugs your neck) for my caminos for those albergues where pillows are just not comfortable enough. They are light and small (deflated) and also helps on the flight to Spain.
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