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Time of past OR future Camino
I've read a couple of posts about this...Some women said they brought a nightshirt to put on after showering and/or to wear to sleep. Some people posted that they slept in the clothes that they would be walking in the next day. Any suggestions/comments/thoughts?
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1st allow me to make an assumption...that you'll be sleeping in either a sleeping bag or under blankets. In both cases, you're normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. If that's the case..if you're very hot when you get in your'll be hotter. Then you'll sweat. Then you'll be uncomfortable! If you're cold, the opposite happens, you're core already cold...remains cold and in your're cold.

Confused...thought so.

Sleeping bags are most effective at retaining heat when there's little between your body and the bag. Therefore, if you're going to be both comfortable and warm, or cool...wear as little as possible when in your bag. For ladies, a pair of silk panties or shorts and a silk top are just fine. For guys...poly pro/cotton t-shirt and lose shorts work fine. If it gets a bit cold...put on a pair of liner socks...that will help a lot.

I suggest strongly against ever wearing the next days cloths in your bag...why, because while you sleep, your body oils permeate the cloth and you stink. Also, unless you're carrying several sets of walking gear, the stuff you'll wear tomorrow, you may have worn today..even if you washed it, the chances it's not dry. And your bag either gets dirty "inside" or wet. Both bad for your bag.

Now, some folks are sensitive and tend toward being embarrassed, or shy. My suggestion is...we've all seen it before and there's nothing to hide. That said, I don't think folks will go out of there way to make you uncomfortable...but after all, this is an albergue...not the Ritz.

Buen camino,



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Time of past OR future Camino
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Well, I was probably the most glamourous of the peregrinas on the Camino last summer... that's a joke, folks... in my extremely lightweight satin, Victoria's Secret pyjamas! However, they were modest, and I could comfortably walk around in them. THey were light, cool, but comfortable in cooler weather and most of all, they weighed nothing to carry which was my primary reason for taking them. I was not comfortable in t-shirts so... really whatever you're comfortable in works. Many women wore an oversized t-shirt or sleepshirt.

Pilgrims are very discreet, for the most part. I used to keep my next day's clothes on the end of my bed and was able to dress in the morning in the dark. Everyone keeps his/her eyes on their own stuff and are very respectful of what little privacy is afforded in the communal albergue space. Often, if you are up early and are quick, you can change/dress in the bathroom without monopolizing it. Surprisingly enough, while we never seem to have enough bathroom time/space in our own homes, it works in the albergues.

Buen Camino,


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I did not know about not wearing clothes in the sleepsack. I will remember that this next trip. Thanks.
In albergues, I have seen every possible combination of wear... neck to toe coverage as well as total nudity. There are some places with coed bathrooms. Some bathrooms do not have shower curtains. I saw men walk into women's bathroom due to not understanding the little drawing on the door. Hehe, you got to be open to an anything is possible moment. Probably as the Camino goes on, people start relaxing about those moments. I figured I was living as cavemates.


I've noticed when doing other backpacking hikes over the years all with bunk beds, no or little facilities that if you just change without trying to draw attention to yourself that nobody even notices!!! :roll:
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viajero said:
they slept in the clothes that they would be walking in the next day

I walked during July - August of 2007, and at night I wore the synthetic REI T-shirt and ExOfficio underwear that I would be using the next day (that I'd washed the previous day). I had a North Face Allegeney 40 degree synthetic bag that I usually zipped out into a blanket, so I could expose my feet - I like to keep them cool... :arrow:

Arn said:
but after all, this is an albergue...not the Ritz.

Yeah, after awhile you sort of get used to seeing gals parade around in their underwear...and the European types like to wear some pretty wild stuff... :wink: :arrow:


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Time of past OR future Camino
Now I feel I should strive to be as glamorous as Deirdre! THanks for all of the info. on this.


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Time of past OR future Camino
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It was never an issue on my Camino. Everyone was quite polite - we were all in the same boat (or dormitory, actually!), and there is a sort of common community spirit among pilgrims that diminishes problems that might become issues in other contexts. I slept in underpants only.

In May/June albergues get quite hot at night. They are densely packed with human beings pumping out heat. Mostly, people don't seem to want doors/winsows left open - must be an ancestral European memory of fear of wolves. :) So you don't want to be sleeping in clothes. In fact, my light summer weight sleeping bag was sometimes too hot and I used only the silk liner as a cover. In July/August the heat in albergues must be unbearable - unless the fear of wolves attacking in the night fades in summer and sleepers are brave enough to leave doors and windows open :)

May your nights be filled with the peace and serenity that comes from undertaking a noble endeavour.

Bob M


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I sleep wearing the clothes I'll be wearing for the next day. and have a shower as soon as I get to the refugio. Tis the best way, I think.
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Re: wot Sleepwear??

thanks to everyone adding their comments and sharing their experiences!! this helps a HECK of a lot to know how it might go even before going!

thanks everyone; take care & have a safe fun journey!!!


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Time of past OR future Camino
I agree with minkey on what to wear, i wore my t shirt for the next day and also took a pair of very cheap thin stretchy shorts because when you climb up into the bunk everyone can get a close view of your bum! Although as others say, there is no leering on the camino, everyone is too whacked!!!
I suppose I'll just sleep in the shirt I'm wearing the next day and my undies... After all, you're under blankets/in a sleeping bag.
Haha, it's going to be strange getting used to showering in the afternoons and not in the morning like I usually do.
The easiest thing for me to do was sleep in what I was wearing the next day. Kept the bag rustling to a minimum & all I had to do was put on my boots & throw my toiletries bag into my backpack before loading up & heading out. :)



I've been confused about this subject. First of all, the last time I was in a hostel was in the 70s when I traveled around Europe with a girlfriend, all the facilities were separate then, so in these can my husband and I sleep next to each other? I was expecting separate dorms, so I hope we can be near...I know he's not looking forward to albergues, so I was thinking to make it more comfortable we could alternate, some nights alberges, some nights pensiones. Does anyone know if it costs a lot more for us to sleep in private rooms?? I'm trying to work out a budget, we leave in 3 1/2 weeks and I don't think Ralph will enjoy sleeping with lots of other peregrinos all the time...but if we stay every other nite in private rooms that will be better...we can share bathrooms no problem. Anyone thoughts on this?? pls advise, also I'm trying to do research right now, where people have posted some of their best/worst stays. If any pensions come to mind, pls let me know. Muchas Gracias muchachos! :)
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Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.


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senora1 said:
pls advise, also I'm trying to do research right now, where people have posted some of their best/worst stays. If any pensions come to mind, pls let me know. Muchas Gracias muchachos! :)

There are two very long threads on this topic in the forum.

Most dorms you find are going to be coed (though you'll have separate beds) and yes, a private room will cost more but may be worth it if you're uncomfortable staying in a room with lots of other people.

BTW - how are you digging up all these really old threads when there are lots of new threads on the same topics? :)

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