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Some feedback...


Staff member
Hi all,

First of all, I just would like to say that I have not had much time to contribute to the forum lately, I have been busy with several new projects. But even if you do not see a lot of posts from me, I am on the forum many times every day and making sure that things are running smoothly.

Once in a while I like to get some feedback on things that could be done different/better on the forum... so if you have ideas or opinions on how this forum could be better, please reply to this posts and let me know (or send me a PM).

I did get a PM from a forum member a few days ago telling me that his browser was crashing every time he visited the forum and he thought it was due to the ads on the forum. I have not heard of this before, but thought I would ask if there are other with a similar problem. He continued with some negative comments on having a donation button and ads on a pilgrim site, so the problem might have another root. Even so, I thought I would ask you all.

Anyway, the Forum Badges are shipped from the UK today. If they sell reasonable well, I will skip the ads on the site... I know it is a bit "in the way".

Greetings from Sunny and 18c Santiago,
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Hi Ivar,

where on the site can I see what the badge looks like, and is there order information?

Question about the site: is there a place that explains the icons in front of each message? I get that they change colour if you've already read the message, but why are some in motion?




Staff member
Hi AliPilgrim,

The meaning of the different icons can be found here:

Once I have the badges here I will take a photo of one and post it so that, if you like it, you can order one. Since the shipping cost many times will be more expensive than the actual badge, I am thinking of also offering to sell the pilgrim shell (Vieira) that I will by in the market in Santiago old town..... and I have even thought of offering to ship the "pay-as-you-go" Spanish SIM cards so that you can have a Spanish phone number while walking in Spain.

Since I will be shipping all over the world, adding light weight items to the envelope will hopefully not increase the shipping cost too much. Hopefully it will make it more "worth it".

ivar said:
I did get a PM from a forum member a few days ago telling me that his browser was crashing every time he visited the forum and he thought it was due to the ads on the forum.
I would guess he was using an old version of a browser. I have come across probs with them crashing because of widgets.
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Active Member
Hi Ivar,
I think selling the Spanish sim cards is an excellent idea - I would certainly order one with my camino badge!
The ads really dont bother me at all and in fact they have introduced me to some camino-related books that I didnt know existed.
I really cant see why anyone would object to your efforts to make the site pay its way - its such an invaluable source of info. Its a sad fact that you just cant please everyone so dont lose sleep trying!
Finally, no problems with the sight crashing with me..
Many thanks for all your hard work


^ ditto!
I'd been exploring Spanish sim cards so it'd be great if you go ahead with the idea of selling them. You could put together a little 'starter kit' of all the essentials (I DO think that a Forum badge is an essential :D )
You do an amazing job with this Forum, thank you again. I look forward to buying you a drink when I finally arrive in SdC

edited to say that I've had no problems with the site crashing, either


Active Member
Thank you Ivar for this invaluable site. And for taking time off to keep this site going, we know this site does no pay your rent.

There could be an insignificant pause when an advertisement is being loaded, this is no different when there is much traffic on the internet and loading slows down. Speed is not a problem.

For your information I lost a card when it was posted to me, one edge of the envelope was slit with a sharp blade and the card extracted during the journey from the supplier to me, the gummed back. It was difficult to trace where this offence took place. The envelope had its contents listed at the back as required for overseas posting, this perhaps made the item attractive to steal.

Just to let you know that postage should be secure should you wish to post items such as SIM cards.

Buen Camino for those starting and on the Camino.



Hi Ivar, there is no problem whatsoever with the ads or anything. I am deeply grateful for all your help and knowledge with everybody's plans for walking the Camino. Hard to understand so much grumpiness...
Please, put me in your list of people interested in the badges and the shell. Regards, Sumachado. :D :D :D
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