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Rent a house in Santiago (1 month minimum)
300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).

Some of my Notes on Seville and VDLP

Year of past OR future Camino
CF 2006,08,09,11,12(2),13(2),14,16(2),18(2) Aragones 11,12,VDLP 11,13,Lourdes 12,Malaga 16,Port 06
These are rough, from my notes, but some may glean good information. I realize I've posted some of this already, but didn't want to try to find it so here it is again. I walked beginning August 21 from Seville. I'm using a DOLLAR sign but I really am talking EUROS here.
At the time we were there this past summer, You could NOT get your Credencial at the Cathedral anymore. You must walk over the bridge to Triana and walk to the Amigos Office. It is a short walk and the volunteer there is very helpful. There is a lot of information you can buy or pick up there regarding the walk, including a list of alburgues along the VDLP.

Amigos Office in Sevilla
Calle San Jacinto 25
Open M-W-F

Things not to miss in Sevilla:

Parque Maria Luisa. This is a wonderful park with lots of tiled fountains and shade. Really a sweet place for a picnic and to sit and plan your walk.

Museo Arquelogico. This is located in Parque Maria Luisa. It is worth seeing, especially if you plan on stopping at Italica. There is no museum open at Italica. All of the "finds" are here. Open W-Sat 9-8 $1 -- For some reason, the day we arrived, Pilgrims were free, so take your Credential and you may get in free.

Museo de Bellas Artes. This is a small but fantastic art museum. Open W-Sat 9-8 $1.50

Alcazar Open T-Sat 9:30 – 7 pm $7

Mass at the Cathedral Masses are at 8:30 and 10 am

Italica is 9 K from Sevilla. You can get a bus there in the early morning for $1.25 from the main Bus Station. You cannot buy a ticket ahead. You pay the bus driver when you get on the bus. Entrance to Italica is $1.50. It is a several hour event if you like archaeology so you may want to do it separately from your walk, instead of just stopping along the way. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 to 8:30.

There is a bar across the street from Italica where you can purchase coffee, bocadillas and drinks to continue your walk and you can catch the bus BACK to Seville just up the road. Ask anyone.

We stayed here:

Hotel Zaida
San Roque 26
Telefs: 421 11 38 - 421 86 12
This was a sweet little hotel. You felt like you were going back in time. Beautifully redone. Quiet rooms. AIR CONDITIONING! Secure. Central to everything. Close to the bus station. We enjoyed it very much.

I did not stay here, but someone suggested it:
Hostal Monreal,
Calle Rodrigo Caro 8
Barrio de Santa Cruz
double 40 Euro

A few sporadic notes that might be helpful. Some typical daily costs:

Seville: It was always possible to find dinner for under $10, beer and tapas $6.50

Entrance to Italica $1.50
Bus to Italica $1.25
Bella Arte $150
Compeed – approximately $6 each

Guillena has a great Bar Lolo where you can buy caricolas (snails) when they're in season. They are AWESOME! Give them a try. One order is enough for two people. We had 4 beers, 2 tapas (goat), 1 caracoles for $10 It was DELICIOUS! The bar is noisy and they were watching American Scooby Doo cartoons VERY LOUDLY! ::laughing:: But the folks there were very friendly!

Soon after Guillena next morning is a nice bar for coffee. It opens about 7 am.

Castiblanco: This is a pretty little town. There are computers downstairs but you better get in there if they're open because the hours are not regular. The alburgue is small but nice. We slept out on the veranda under the stars because it was so hot.
Alburgue $5
Lunch $8
Groceries $6

Casa Forestal – NO FACILITIES IN SUMMER. It is a nice walk through oak woods. Some firemen felt sorry for us, and gave us 1/2 liter of water. Later, they brought us more from town. (Camino Angels). No laundry, no dinner facilities (be SURE TO CARRY FOOD and WATER IN CASE THE CASA is closed, because there is NOTHING on this route). There was a cow trough, where we dipped water to wash up a bit. Also, do not depend on what others tell you. SEveral people told us, "no problem, there's plenty of water there" and we were caught unawares. If you do get caught with the place closed, you can sleep on the patio. It's safe, and the stars are MAGNIFICO because there is no light to speak of. Beautiful!

ALMDEN - Beware of Bar Macias. I've posted this before. The lady there made us pay TWICE for our beers and tapas! We didn't speak good enough Spanish to make our case. We did go to the Tourist office, but they could offer no help. She's not a nice person! Eat somewhere else, or better yet, buy food at the tienda and cook in the wonderful kitchen at the pretty alburgue there. This alburgue is very nice, with a nice patio to wash and hang clothes and a good kitchen. We bought groceries for 2 people for $12. I cooked Pasta with Mussel Sauce, bread, salad, and wine. YUM!

Lunch $6
Alburgue $5

EL REAL DE LA JARA: Only about 5 hour walking. Alburgue is right at the beginning of town but you have to walk all the way to the Swimming Pool office to get the key. $8 for a hobbit house alburgue. This is where one of my miracles of the Camino happened. I'll post it on my blog. Phone number for alburgue is 954-733-0007 There is no "real" kitchen, but there is a sink and a microwave. Showers are good. Beds were clean. 4 bunks to a room.

Monesterio. This is a 7.5 hour walk in the heat with no relief. We called it Hell Day. The climb was difficult for me because my feet were swollen from the heat. Once we arrived, we discovered that there was no alburgue there. Hostal Maya at the beginning of town is $40 for a double. Hostal Extremadura at the END of town was $12 for a double. We paid $15 because we added Air Conditioning... worth every cent! Ensuite room with 2 beds and television. Pilgrim's Meal for $7.50 was macaroni, calamari, salad, melon, wine. Muy Bueno! Breakfast was 2 cafe, 2 tostada for $4.40

The lady next door to the Hermita has a key and is happy to let you in for a visit. Mass is at 9 pm. There is a Museum de Via de la Plata here.

The EF Cafeteria has an excellent pilgrim's menu.

FUENTE DE CAMPOS was another hot walk. About 6 k from town, we had another Camino Angel help us. Posted on blog.

Here we bussed to Zafra then Leon, as it was too hot to continue.
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