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Some questions?


Year of past OR future Camino
Frances from SJPdP 2007, TBD 2017
I don't leave for a month and a half but since I'll be quite busy right up till I leave I'm trying to get all my questions answered early. So here are a few:
1. I plan on keeping my pack as a carry-on on my flights, so I'm limited on being able to take certain items. Is it easy to by toiletry items such as shampoo. sunscreen, etc, as well as a small knife in SJPP?
2. To take a walking stick ot not? (not worried about footing, just dogs...)
3. I have both the Confraternity guide and the guide by Davies/Cole. Both are very good in different areas. The CSJ guide has lots of info on each town, refuge, but the cole/Davies guide has more maps and info on actually finding your way and highlights of the route. Should I take both or which one?
4. Is a poncho sufficient for wet weather?
5. How do other pilgrims deal with carrying valubles/important things (credit cards, airline tickets, passports and camera?) both on trail and around town if you leave your pack at the refugio.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks!
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Hi Lauren! I'm planning to start walking on May 4 from SJPdP, but only go as far as Burgos this time. As for my pack, I'm also planning to carry it on the plane with me. I plan to buy all the "evil liquids" when I get to Bayonne, since I'll have a couple of hours to wait for the train. I'm not sure what to do about rain gear, though. I'm waivering between just a poncho & a rain suit. Of course, if I get a rain suit, it won't rain. :p

As for valuables, I plan to always carry them with me. I bought a wallet that I can hang around my neck on Amazon (many styles; I got the Victornox one as it is made out of cloth instead of plastic).

As for the guides, I plan to take the Brierly & CSJ guides.

Buen Camino!


Year of past OR future Camino
Frances from SJPdP 2007, TBD 2017
Thanks for the quick reply.
I was thinking about bringing a light wieght sac I can sling across my shoulder to hold my camera in the evenings, and maybe one of those belt thingies for papers and cards.
I'd ideally like to take both giudes and a rain suit but I'm anticipating some trouble keeping my pack a managable weight. (aiming for 15lbs or less, and allready all the "absolutely necessary" stuff including water comes to about 16lbs!!)


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Year of past OR future Camino
(2006) Roncesvalles to Leon (2007) Leon to Compostela
Hi Lauren, if you can, keep valuables on your person at all times, never in your backpack. I carry a bumbag which contains my pilgrim credential, camera, phone, about 20euros in cash, and one of my debit cards, also any tickets. The bumbag never leaves me.

In my zippered pants pockets I keep my passport (in a ziplock bag); credit card and other debit card, and a larger amount of cash.

I haven't yet decided whether to take the bumbag this year. If I don't then I'll keep my passport, credit card and cash etc in a money belt under my clothes.

In the backpack I keep copies of any travel documents and a copy of my passport.

Deleted member 397

Trudy-just in case we meet on the camino---exactly in which pocket do you keep the larger amount of cash?
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Lauren, I have a lightweight denim bag that I found at Target eons ago. It's actually larger than a purse, & someone once called it a "diaper bag" :shock: but it can hold water, guide books, a small amount of "chump change," in short, stuff I don't mind losing if someone should lift it. You might want to check there for something like it, although I haven't seen any denim ones lately.

dg :arrow:

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