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Squeezing the last bit of juice out of a phone battery

Jeff Crawley

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Time of past OR future Camino
A "Tourigrino" trip once Covid has passed, so 2023
Some of you may be aware of this but it was new to me.

While sorting out a problem one of my brothers had with his mobile phone I came upon this feature - it may come in handy in some circumstances - I was thinking of the poor lad who has disappeared in Spain, last heard of with a low phone battery.

My phone is an Android but no doubt Windows and Apple phones have a similar feature.

Swipe the home screen down twice and you should see this:

Screenshot_20240709-210855_One UI Home.jpg

Touch and hold "Power saving" and you get this

Screenshot_20240709-210903_Device care.jpg

Notice I have 1 day 9 hours of battery life left? Switch "Power saving" to off
Now go to the bottom of the screen and switch on "Limit apps and Home screen"
I now have THREE days and 12 hours of battery life left!

Screenshot_20240709-210916_Device care.jpg

Switch Power save back on and go to the Home Screen:


You now have a "dumber phone" but can still call and send messages though the phone's abilities will be scaled back.

Reverse these steps to go back to your normal settings.

If you think you might find this useful it might be a good idea to try it before you NEED it.
Train for your next Camino (or keep the Camino spirit alive) on Santa Catalina Island
...and ship it to Santiago for storage. You pick it up once in Santiago. Service offered by Casa Ivar (we use DHL for transportation).
On an iPhone you can switch to “low power mode” under Battery but when your phone is fully charged again it will automatically turn off so you have to remember to switch it back.
Lowering your screen brightness will also help.
Get a spanish phone number with Airalo. eSim, so no physical SIM card. Easy to use app to add more funds if needed.
Have Android:
Switch to middle battery saver mode
Use app to switch off apps that run in the background (I use AVG Cleaner)
When walking, switch to Fly mode, you are not expecting calls, are you...?
Arrange w home base to contact at specific hours where you open for contact.

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