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St. Augustine on "Going" on a Walk/Journey and Joachim du Bellay on having arrived.....

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I have a strange Inbox...I sometimes believe that it is powered by the "I Ching" or the late Douglas Adam's "Improbability Drive"...

In recent holiday greetings to friends internationally, I noted that I had no immediate plans for another Camino. Two interesting responses:

1) A friend from France sent the following link saying that I sounded much like the author:


I read it in French (not my 1st language) and ran it through "Deepl" before doing some corrections in line with my own (perhaps faulty, experience). Here is what I came up with:



Sonnet XXXI

Happy who, like Ulysses, has made a beautiful journey,

Or like the one that conquers the fleece,

And then returned, full of experience and reason,

To live between his parents for the rest of his life!

When, alas, will I see again from my little village

The smoking chimney, and in what season

Will I ever see the fence of my poor house again?

Which is a province to me, and many more?

The more I enjoy the stay that my ancestors built,

Where Roman palaces have a bold front,

I like thin slate more than hard marble:

More my Gallic Dormouse than the Latin Tiber,

More my little Liré, than Mount Palatine,

And more than the sea air the sweetness of Angevine.

Extract from: Collection: Les Regrets (1558)

Another correspondent, an American, noted "This podcast sounds like you!"

Please do not be put off by the exclusiveness of the website's name. There is something here for all, near as I can tell.

I do NOT sound like the person being interviewed. However, we do share a reading list....and more than few spiritual anxieties. The key point is that this podcast might help if you are still "wondering about wandering"...

I now go back to preparing meals for the family.

Happy New Year to all of you!

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