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St. Jean beginning of September?



Looking back through some posts I have just realised that there seem to be lots of people starting from St. Jean, or passing through St. Jean at the end of August/1st September ... both veterans and novices ....
.... so ..... well, how would it work .. would it work? were there to be an 'under the clock' rendezvous (actually, much preferably a bar) ...

My shaky plans are to be in st Jean at the end of August (most likely walking from Bordeaux - or is it Lourdes?) and also to leave at the beginning of September (though I am English and with time so not tied to schedules as some from further away necessarily are)

would this work? I suppose it would have to be a specific evening - Aug 31st - though it could be 8pm every night that week to see who arrives (I say 7-8pm at cafe ??. )

By theway, there is just one place no one must meet, the terrible restaurant that seems to place un/half cooked eggs on top of whatever they serve (Artemis knows of this place too).

And there's a thought, Artemis is a hospitelaro at the auberge l'esprit du Chemin during that period - look, this would be Fab for novices and the same delight for veterans, don't you think?
What do you think?

Just a thought ... :|
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I'm already booked into l'Espirit on 8/31. Not sure when I'm getting into SJP that day though. :) And I'm having dinner there, so if there was a meet-up, it would need to be another time (earlier preferably because I'll be getting up early the next day). :)

It took me awhile but I finally was able to find the time for dinner at L'Esprit du Chemin and it says
7:30 to 7:45. I remember that after dinner everyone sat around the table for quite awhile talking and getting to know each other. So at that time I will be sitting down to dinner with Kelly. They also lock the doors at 10:00.

Sounds like a great idea but probably needs to be earlier for those of us staying at L'Esprit du Chemin. I hope I get to be a part of it but if not the kitchen window is open so pilgrims can wave to me as they walk by. :)

The second night I stayed at L'Esprit du Chemin, the train into SJPP was late arriving, and they held the meal a while to give people a chance to arrive. I met several lovely Canadians that evening who came in on the train.....
Yes, thinking about it - a silly idea .. folk arrive then go next day ... so .. just a lot of waving then :wink:
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
Currently I'm booked in for both 30th and 31st Aug with a start date of 1st Sept, still not sure what will happen as I'm due to fly out 4 weeks on Sunday but as yet can't get a shoe/boot/sock anywhere near my left foot. There's a part of me that is tempted to fly out anyway in order to see you guys leave and spend some time with you! (Got a cheap flight from Bristol so not as mad as it sounds, may I add)
Tried to buy my plane tickets last night & but the charge didn't go through & since my bank was closed at the time, I have to wait until they open to go & have a "discussion" with them & ask why they declined the charge when I have more than enough in that account to cover the charges.....

So maybe I'll be there & maybe I won't. I"m not very happy right now for this & other reasons. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

However, if I am able to make this trip, I will be getting to SJP either early in the morning or early afternoon, plenty of time to get together with you, David & talk shop. :)

Oh, banks can be so frustrating! I just had a problem with mine too. Hope you get it all worked out Kelly.
Thanks! Got it all squared away. Turns out the bank has put a limit on what you can charge online, so if you need to purchase something more than their limit, you have to ask for a temporary extension. I understand the need for this & am glad for it; just wished they'd told me (& the other customers) about it.

So, the tickets have been purchased. I guess this means I have to go now. lol!

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I am arriving in St. Jean early midday on september first, and counting on doint my shopping, and starting out immediatly... so if anyone is heading out, I will be there too :)
I am a first-timer, so could be nice to meet up with someone!

Nyd det - sørg for at have godt med vand med og nogle gode energi givende snacks.
Caminoen er fantastisk... - Du vil helt afgjort møde en masse fantastiske mennesker...


I just told Christina to enjoy the Camino, to bring enough water for the first day over the pyrenees, and good snacks... - and that I am sure she will meet fantastic people along the way.
Mange tak, Annette
Jeg glæder mig også helt vildt efterhånden. Har gået og puslet med tanken i 4 år, og nu er der kun 3 uger tilbage. Mærkeligt!
Men tak for de gode råd, dem vil jeg tage til mig :)

-Thanking for all the good advice inhere - getting smarter and feeling more prepared every time i've been inhere.

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