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Stage Maps


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When we walked the Camino earlier this year I noticed that many people had small stage maps laminated and would hang the days stage around their neck for quick access. Some said they discarded each stage after it was used to reduce weight...(I suppose it would depend on how close you were to your limit :wink: )
The information was the basic route with villages, Auberges and distances. I carried Brierley's guide which is good, but not always convenient to access while actually walking.
I never thought to ask anyone what the source of the individual maps were (I did not think I would be walking again so soon :shock: ). The Brierley stage maps are good...but a little large to laminate and hang around the neck.

I know that many will quickly ask why anyone would need a map. I just like to know what is coming up and it gives me something to do while walking.

Does anyone use the stage maps in this way? Which guide or map did you cut them out of?
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Brierley now has a map only book out which shows the stages. I used his regular book, and tore out his stage maps for each day and carried it in a plastic pouch around my neck (first camino) and the second, just in my pocket. Easy to refer to, and yes, I threw it away at the end of the day. The inside cover of his book also shows each stage in a small scale, so you're not 'losing' any information.


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I used Brierley´s map-only book as well, and found it fitted in my trouser pocket reasonably well, just the top bit sticking out. This meant it was easily accessible but not in the way. Wouldn´t a pouch hanging round your neck flap about a bit, especially on a windy day? I feel that could be quite irritating.
Sandra :arrow:


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I had a Miam Miam Dodo guide (French) which was fantastic for the Le Puy route where it was wiser to book accommodation ahead, but kind of over-kill for the Camino Frances. However, I used to tear out the pages I thought I would need for each day, and keep them in my pocket. And yes, I would discard them as I used them, and it was kind of nice feeling the book get lighter and thinner the closer I got to my destination!!!


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on windy days I would have a jacket on and the pouch would be inside the jacket. Additionally, the chest strap of my backpack kept the pouch in place...
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Actually, the ones I saw were laminated with a map on each side (or maybe Albergue info on one side). They had a hole punched in top corner and hung around the neck on a chain or some kind of strap like used for ID or credentials. Pretty light wait and just hung in front of pack and all They only had to pull it up to look at it.
Not in a "pouch"....unless some were like plastic "envelopes so you could change them daily.

William Marques

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The two guides which published map sheets were:
BRAVO LOZANO, Millan. A practical guide for pilgrims: the road to Santiago.
- León: Editorial Everest SA, 5th ed. 1998. - 261 pp. with maps in a separate
waterproof pocket.
ANGUITA JAEN, Jose Maria. Pilgrim's guide, the road to Santiago - Leon:
Editorial Everest SA, 2004 - 360 pp. with maps in a separate waterproof
pocket includes Finisterre and Padron.

I am not sure what the latest editions are or if there are any but you could make your own from the mundicamino maps.


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We used the ones in "The Pilgrims Practical Guide" and laminated them. We just had them in our pocket or the side of our back pack. Seeing there was 2 of us we could pull it out easily. We really did not need the maps but we actually wrote notes on them in texta about the day and where we stopped, what we ate etc..great for remembering where the photos were taken when you get home!!
Mish from Down Under :D
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