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Starting point La Virgen del Camino


I will be arriving by plane on May 8th in La Virgen del Camino late afternoon. This small airport is 6 kms west of Leon.

There is no refuge (that I know of) in this town but there is a well known modern church built in the 60's (that pilgrims can get a stamp). If I get a stamp from this church On May 8th would that work as my starting reference for my credential?

I was thinking of starting the walk the following morning May 9th.

Also, what Hostal would you suggest I spend the night of May 8th. It should be something close to that chuch since that is where the camino is. Do the names: Central, Plaza, and Soto ring a bell. Or do you any other suggestions?

Gatineau Gypsy
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I don't think there's a refugio at Virgen del Camino but the airport is only about 500m off the Camino itself! Unless you were to backtrack and overnight in Leon, I think the first refugio is in Villadangos del Paramo about 12km away but they don't issue credenciales there.

This summer there were major roadworks at the carreterra junction after Virgen del Camino which meant I got lost - it's probably better now but be careful.

I having been looking at the guide book and I see that there are hotels in La Virgen del Camino

Villapaloma H** Double E63, Single E42
San Frolian HSR** Double E48, Single E42
Soto H** Double E48, Single E36
Julio Cesar HSR* Double E18 Single E18

There are no hostals or albergues or refugios.

SOmebody correct me If I am wrong

I stayed in Virgen Del Camino in sept last (06). I decided I wanted to get out of Leon as it was too big and I was concerned with finding a route out in the early morning darkness so I moved on to Virgen.
I stayed in possibly the cleanest and nicest Alburgue of my camino.
As I walked up through Virgen, Leon to my back, out towards the end of the main road area, on the right hand side there is a sign for an Alburgue.
Its a about 250 meters off the main road and it
s beside a football pitch.
I stayed in a dormitory with maybe 60 beds and only 2 people and a fine sized kitched.
I think the place was actually brand new.
And yes I got a stamp from the lady running the place.

Hope you find it and enjoy it.
Buen camino.

Virgen del Camino

There is an albergue listed on the Leon website:
El Peregrino (very original!)
Virgen del Camino 24198
Tel: 987302019
48 Places

If you stay there Carole, will you confirm with the Forum the name and number of places?

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La Virgen del camino

Thanks guys - I will certainly let you know about it when I return.

Now that I know I can get a stamp in a couple of places at La Virgen del Camino I will fill out my application for my credential stating this will be the town for my point of departure.

Thank you for clarifying this for me, I am a member of the quebec a compostelle group but they were uncertain if I could start at La Virgen del Camino.

Gatineau Gyspy
Alternative route

Be aware that you have two alternatves from Virgin de Camino. The main route goes straight on to Villadangos del Paramo. Much walking along the road. If you turn left at the outskirts of VdC you can have a much nicer walk to a town called Mazariff on an alternative route. Two years ago, there were three albergues in Mazariff. Local people can give you advice. If this will be your first day on a camino ever, may be you will prefer the main route. Good luck!
I walked the alternative route in September this year and there were still three aubergues in Mazarife. All seemed pretty comfortable. I stayed at Tio Pepe's and liked it. The accommodation is above a bar that does an evening meal. Agree with the coment regarding roadworks - a bit confusing but manageable. The walk is pleasant, but the villages en route are rather featureless with few amenities. From Mazarife onwards the surroundings get progressively better until rejoining the main route

Buen Camino
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
The main route out of Virgen soon hits the highway and then an albergue/bar with all the enmities of a petrol station, the route does not improve. Mazariff to the left, ignore the devious arrows all advertising, is the better option by far, Tio Pepe is good enough and there are two other options there. PS the Camino runs right by the bus stop at the end of town.

Most read last week in this forum

Anyone know if the municipal Albergue is open here? Every where else seems to be full for tomorrow 21 September.
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