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Staying in Seville before the VdlP (any ideas?)

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So many since 2003.
I have been trying to arrange for 3 nights accommodation in Seville from 31st May before I embark on the VdlP.
With little luck so far (trying to book Hostals and small Hotels on the internet), I was wondering if anyone knows of an Habitacione (close to centre)?

Any information would be much appreciated.
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I just looked on Hostel and there does seem to be availability. There are lots of Hostales in Seville - I know you want the secruity of an advance booking but many people just arrive and wander round the Bario Santa Cruz until they find somewhere! Also is the Hostal Sierpes - which a lot of people talk about. I'm sure you will get somewhere.

Good luck



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Re: Staying in Seville

sevilla has a LOT of tourists year-round and many are university students from all over the world. i agree with the recommendation that you just walk around... you'll find something and you'll be able to shop for best prices too! there's a LOT to do and see in sevilla and do NOT forget the beautYful plaza de Espana, which i think is the most beautYful of all the plazas de Espana in Spain!! it can also be seen in muchas pileculas (movies) such as the Star Wars series.... :)

good luck.
Time of past OR future Camino
So many since 2003.
Thankyou everyone for your input to my post,

I have now arranged to stay with a 'Couchsurfer' in Seville (very kind) so I am sure I will have the opportunity to see the sights from a local's point of view.

It is down to 7 sleeps until I leave so the excitement is building. No more work for me so I have the final week to cut down my packing, read more Camino info, sew on the woven forum badges (thanks Ivar) and say my goodbyes to friends.

I will stay in touch and provide useful assistance and hints once I am on the Via de la Plata.
Buen Camino to you all
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The students rooms are renting for months, i think that the best options is a hostal/pension or a perhaps in the young hostel.(C/ Isaac Peral 2,tlf: 955 056 500)

About hostal and persión you can find it near from Canalejas street, in barrio del Museo. Is close center town and there is a lot of them. Also can find something in Barrio Santa Cruz but is also more expansive.

To see in Seville there is a lot of places, but recommend Salvador Church that was opened recently after its restoration, and places like plaza de España,Parque de Maria Luisa, Alcazar, Cathedral(the most largest gothic Cathedral in the world). And at night a good place is "La Carboneria" where you can enjoy live performances(Flamenco, Theatre, folk music...) in a traditional old coal shop

Also in many places of Seville can be seen in movies like Laurence of Arabia,Star wars: Episode II. Attack of the clones, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Kingdom of Heaven, Blood and sand, and many more!

Buen camino!


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Hola Fernando,
Wasn't Star Wars: Episode II (The Clones???) the one that was partially filmed at the Plaza de España in Sevilla?

I had no idea ... so I was watching the movie, looked at the scenery and suddenly realized where they were! It is, to me one of the most beautiful places in Spain. I first went there in 1973 when I was studying in Spain (please do NOT count the years!)... I was heartbroken when I returned after 25 years in 2001 to find it damaged, defaced and virtually destroyed. I am SO pleased that it has been repaired and cared for... it is a showplace and one of the many jewels of Sevilla.
Buen Camino,


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Hola Deirdre
Yes, was the clones, and here in the next image can see the Plaza de España

In 2001 was damaged because the last restauration was bad(and other causes also!). I think that in that year start a new restauration.I have a friend that works in this restauration and told me some secrets of this square. For example some scenes of the spanish provinces wasn´t the originals because before Exposición Iberoamericana (in 1929) was inagurated, some scenes was censured and was saved.

Its really a beautiful Plaza, like de park besiides: "Parque de Maria Luisa"


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¡Me encanta la foto! Y muchas gracias por la información. También tengo una foto maravillosa de la plaza pero no sé como añadirla aquí. Es tan grande y aunque tengo varios programas, no sé como reducirla. :?

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