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Telephoning cheaply from Spain?

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Hello all!

Any hints as to the cheapest way to telephone from Spain to another European country - in my case, Belgium? I'll be telephoning from public telephones.

At present I'm thinking of either buying telephone calling cards or using my Visa card.



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Hi eamann,

I know of two types of phone cards.

1) The ones from Telefonica that you put into the payphone (it has a small chip on the card that stores your balance). I don't think the calls are especially cheap, don't remember the prices since it has been a while since I have used one.

- I think you can get these cards from "Estancos" (tabacco stores). But I have not bought one of these cards in a few years, so I am not 100% sure.

2) Then you have the card where you call a free number and punch in a long code that is on the card to make calls. There are a lot of these cards, some have great prices some not. You may even be able to buy these types of cards at home (in Belgium). Many of them have toll-free numbers for several countries on the back. I know of these cards since I bought a few in Oslo (Norway) last summer.

One option is the Eurodirect card (I have not tried this):
http://www.onspanishtime.com/europhonec ... t/home.htm

Also read an earlier thread on the "Phone" topic here:

Buen camino,
Camino(s) past & future
Francés, Plata, Levante, Norte (part) and Primitivo, 2016 Catalan 2017 Lana (part) Madrid
Phone cards

Thanks Ivar for your suggestions. I think I'll opt for Eurodirect.

Best wishes,


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