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That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint


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A good Spanish born and bred friend told me that one is meant to suffer walking a Camino.
And my response to that is that there is already plenty of suffering in the world. No need to intentionally add more!

Cold showers remind me of the 6 weeks that I spent in Guatemala taking Spanish lessons and staying with local families. Most homes didn't have water heaters, and hot water for the shower came from an electric shower head, aka suicide shower for obvious reasons, though properly installed they didn't pose a huge risk. Properly installed being the important factor! The greater the volume of water going through the shower head the cooler the shower would be, it was a delicate balance between enough water to clean yourself and temperature. One of my teachers told me that they didn't heat any water in her home and that she preferred cold showers. 🥶
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All this talk of cold showers is making me smile. A cold shower is relative; it depends where one is in the world. Where I live now, a cold shower is frigid; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Where I lived when I was growing up in the tropics, the water pipes were above ground and the sun could heat the water in the pipes to a temperature where ‘cold’ water coming out of the shower head was hotter than was comfortable in the tropical heat.

The coldest water I encountered in a shower on the camino was still pretty tepid; not much to complain about, really. 😊

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Any time I have had to take (endure) a cold shower, I have always opted for a GI shower....I become Speedy Gonzalez! 😀


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My only cold shower was in San Anton, and I loved the place so much that the chill of the water was insignificant.

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