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The Aachen Pilgrimage 2021 - June 18-28


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2021 The Aachen Pilgrimage
... forking from my Hello! thread...

The next Aachen Pilgrimage will take place from June 18th - 28th, 2021.

On occasion of the consecration of Aachen cathedral about 800 AD, Charlemagne received cloth relics from Jerusalem as a gift; since the 13th century, they are kept in St Mary's Shrine in the cathedral. The shrine is opened up every seven years and the relics are shown to the public for 10 days. This tradition is alive until today; 2014, about 120.000 pilgrims travelled to Aachen during the Aachen Pilgrimage.

The four relics are: St Mary's dress; Jesus' swaddling clothes :) ; the decapitation cloth of John the Baptist; and the loin cloth of Jesus from the day of crucifixion. There are daily pilgrim masses (mostly open-air) during which the relics are shown, night prayers and a cultural programme during these days. They are a very important event for the city and it's church. On the homepage, there is a short introduction video.

This is a thread for all information about it and for all interested or planning to be in Aachen next year.


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The next Aachen Pilgrimage will take place from June 18th - 28th, 2021.
Interesting. Thank you for posting this. Well-made webpages and videos, some of it even in English.

Correct me if I am wrong: this is still a predominantly religious event, a Catholic endeavour and not comparable to the more secular Camino walking of today. Although a few people do walk on foot to Aachen, even from very far, the overwhelming majority doesn't. There are no Ways to Aachen, there is no contemporary tradition to walk long-distance on pilgrimage to Aachen and no infrastructure to support this on a large scale.

There are some pilgrimage walks of short duration within the city of Aachen in the context of this event in 2021.

It is also interesting to note, I think, that the German word used for this Aachen event that takes place every seven years since 1349, following the horrible plague epidemic that devastated Europe in the 14th century, is Heiligtumsfahrt. Heiligtumsfahrt is a rather unusual word, and not the common German word for pilgrimage which is Wallfahrt (the meaning is similar to the Spanish romeria) or Pilgerreise or Pilgern. Or, nowadays, ein Camino. 😊
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Hm, I live just a few hours from Aachen, might have to take a train ride to see this. The town, cathedral, and museum are all worth a visit anyway, though I saw them a few years ago when they had a special Charlamagne exhibition.



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