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Our walk into larasaona was a wet and muddy trek. Tired and hungry we went to the only store and bar in town. The amari bar shop across from the San Nicolas Albergue. After a lively conversation with the owner We stepped outside to enjoy our libations but I had a nagging feeling I knew the owner. And then it hit me. I scrolled back through my photos from 2019 and found the picture of Olivier and his girlfriend ( now wife) who were also walking the Camino. My daughter and I took the photo of them on one of our last days on the Camino. We loved running into them along The Way. We both loved his enthusiasm and outgoing nature. He bought the bar just 2 years ago and hopes to open an Albergue someday. He has walked the Camino 11 times. If you’re in Larrasona do stop in for a drink. Olivier is sure to warmly greet you and maybe regale you with stories.
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In May, I'd had a really hard time walking into Zubiri. I didn't know if I could continue. So the next day, we did a short day, stopping in Larrasona. The cafe was not open when we arrived but we were able to sit and rest. We met a new friend while waiting and an "old friend" (we met in SJPD)
Olivier arrived and was so happy and welcoming. The food he made was delicious. And his spirit of joy was healing.
That day changed everything for me. I was able to go on. So yes, be sure to stop in and say hello.
Hi Guys is this the place and is this Oliver.


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