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Dear all,

Last week we updated the server that the forum runs on, it loads a lot faster now... just preparing for the spring and summer of 2017.

But as a sideeffect of this , it seems that some older not-updated browsers give users an error when accessing the forum now. If you read this, this is not a problem for you, but you might have problems on a mobile device or another device you use.

The solution to this is to update your browser to the latest version, or download the latest version of firefox or chrome (free and updated frequently):

I know that older Samsung mobile browsers are creating problems. Downloading any of the two browsers above would fix it.

Happy holidays everyone!
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Camino Frances 2007, Camino Portuges 2008, C. Frances to Leon 2009, C. Norte from Santander 2010, Le Puy to Santiago 2011, Hærvejen Denmark 2012, Sahagun to Santiago 2013, St. Domingo to Leon 2014. Figac to Pamplona 2014. La Plata Sevilla to Aljucén 2016.
Jeg fant ut av det slutt. Takk for alt du gjør for forumet, - og en riktig god jul til deg og dine. Håper vi sees i april.


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Vezelay (2017, in progress); Primitivo & Norte; Geneva/LePuy; Arles; Portuguese; Francés + more
Merry Christmas, Ivar!


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(2009): Camino Frances
(2011): Sevilla-Salamanca, VdlP
(2012): Salamanca-SdC, VdlP
(2014): SJpdP-Astorga
(2015): Astorga-SdC
(2016) May Pamplona-Moratinos; Sept.:Burgos-SdC
(2016): August/Sept: Camino San Olav (Burgos-Covarubbias), Burgos-Sarria
(2017): May: Portuguese; Sept: Pamplona-SdC
Feliz navidad, Ivar; Tomorrow will be pinnekjøtt (steamed rib of lamb), then moose steak and grouse on 25th, and fried halibut on 27th. Pork rib on 26th.... All Norw. trad.

Anemone del Camino

A great improvement with the problems I have been having for a good 6 months: having to click over and over and over and over again to post or access a post. A 40-50% improvement perhaps. Thank you.


somewhere along the Way
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Camino Francés 2015
Pilgrims Way 2018
Via Francigena #1 Canterbury-Dover 2018
All good here Ivar. Thank you for all your dedication and efforts in maintaining the Forum. It is greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Anemone del Camino

@ivar , the website is wroking even better now than a few days ago. I can now use the @someone function, see the scroll down menu of alerts, and only have to click once to open or send a post. What ever you did with the server it has worked like magic. Thank you again.

Tia Valeria

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Pt Norte/Pmtvo 2010
C. Inglés 2011
C. Primitivo '12
Norte-C. de la Reina '13
C. do Mar-C. Inglés '15
All works well on a Linux computer running Ubuntu and using Firefox. All good on mobile phone (without logging in). However has anyone else had a problem with Windows8 using Firefox (up to date version). I get absolutely nothing - the address flashes up in the address bar, then vanishes and a blank tab loads. The same computer loads the forum OK with Chrome. Still trying to tweak settings but no good so far. Not sure if the odd experience is my machine or further afield.
[Edit:- Another thread says that Ivar was tweaking the forum to resolve a problem, so it maybe coincided with my search. Will try again tomorrow :)]

Thanks Ivar for all you do. Best wishes for the New Year
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