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The Peaceable: A New Place to Stop on the Meseta

Rebekah Scott

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...I can´t really call it a "New Place," as the Peaceable Kingdom´s been open to travelers ever since I came here almost two years ago, but I hereby make it official:

The Big Renovation is now officially finished, thank God!! And all pilgrims of good will are hereby cordially offered a cup of tea and a sello if you need one, or a clean bed and a meal and good company if that´s what´s desired and if we are also so disposed! We´re donativo here, a cooperative enterprise (if you have no money you may be asked to help out), we have room for four-legged animal pilgrims, and beds for up to five flexible pilgrims.

We´re at Calle Ontanon 2, on the "upper" end of Moratinos...the ochre house closest to the N120. There are only two streets in Moratinos. You will find it.

Moratinos is a tiny pueblo between Terradillos de Templarios and San Nicolas del Real Camino. About 20 good people live here, but up til now it´s been the ONLY town on the Camino Frances with NOTHING to offer pilgrims but a fuente, a shady church porch, and a trash bin.

The Peaceable is not an albergue enterprise, it´s our home. The pilgrims on this forum are a self-selecting group of fine folks, and are welcome to stop whenever they pass through.

We´ll be looking for you.
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Jiippiii.. congratulations Rebekah!! I am also restoring our house and I know it is a looong process.

For our Camino Francés walkers, I believe Rebekah is located about half way between the Pyrenees and Santiago. It sounds like a good place for a rest.



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Congratulations, Rebekah, I hope my son finds you and stops in and says hi from me. (He is in Estella tonight, still a few kms away)


Active Member
Congratulations Rebekah!

You are doing a very admirable thing and I wish you all the very best.
(very best behaved pilgrims that is!).

Have a peaceful summer.



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Hooray Rebekah!

I'm so looking forward to meeting you and seeing the Peaceable. Vanilla extract (and with a little luck, maple as well!) is on it's way!

I've created a new little blog for our summer adventures. It isn't exactly "Camino" related, but since I'm a Pilgrim and am responsible for the spiritual, moral and linguistic development of these young rascals who accompany me to Spain... I imagine it could somehow be construed as being relevant. I don't intend to continue it forever, but it might provide some entertaining reading for those who choose to visit. There is only an introductory post up now... I'll begin in earnest when we arrive in Madrid on Saturday. Maybe Ivar will include the link anyway. The address is:

Congratulations! I know the joy of a "finished" house.
Cariños y Buen Camino,
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Hi all,
I dropped in to visit Rebekah and her husband when I passed through on a cold day in February this year. The warmth of the welcome and hospitality they extended to me still generates a warm glow when I think about it.
Although the building was far from finished it was clear that this was going to become a jewel of the Camino.
Ever success to you both - thanks again.
Yours Aye

Kevin F. O*brien

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Hello Rebekah and thanks for the good news. My wife noticed a great deal of activity round your house when she passed through in October last year. This year we hope to be walking from Madrid to Santiago starting around the 10th of October. To get to Moratinos it seems to be fairly easy starting at Villalon de Campos that day to just follow the P905 further north, and then turn left onto the Camino Frances to walk to Moratinos instead of Sahagun. Kari (wife) was in fact wondering if she met your daughter at Hospital de la Condesa in October last year, as the person she met mentioned that her mother lived on the Camino near Sahagun? That flag of yours. Is it Bolivian?
Anyway, we hope to be able to visit your albergue in October.
Best regards

Kevin and Kari (O'Brien)

Rebekah Scott

Camino Busybody
Past OR future Camino
Many, various, and continuing.
You guys are great! Thanks for all the good wishes. Dael was a beam of sunshine on a dark day.
O´Briens: Yes indeedy, that was probably my daughter Libby in Hospital de Condesa. Small world, eh? (I hope she behaved herself.)

You can get here easily on the Camino de Madrid, just come straight north from Villada about 4 km. on the little two-lane marked Saldaña. You can hook a left onto the ¨main¨ camino between Terradillos de Templarios and Moratinos and cut out the big loop from Ledigos.

See you in October!
Re: The Peaceable: A New refuge on the Meseta

Hello Rebecah.
I had contact with you a couple of month ago. There you posted that you cannot take pilgrims for the night. But only to rest in your house and garden (if you are at home). I published this text in my accomodation guide and on my Saint James home page: Moratinos
The village has only 20 inhabitants. No tienda nor bar in the village.
At the entrance of the village James und Mariann from Great Britain build on their refuge. They hope to open the refuge at the beginning of the pilgrims season 2008. How is the actual situation?
On the other end of the place Patrick O’Gara and Rebekah Scott from the USA in the C/Ontanon 2 run a pilgrims oasis „Peaceable Kingdom”. It is not really an official pilgrims refuge. The house is only open if Patrick and/or Rebekah are at home. It is their home but they can take up to 5 pilgrims for the night. Pilgrims can rest in the garden and use the sani-tary facilities and – if they have food with them – use the kitchen. All on donation basis! They can also organise the transport of pilgrims to the refuge of the Benedictines at Sahagún. Place for bicycles. Animals are welcome.
Now my questions: Do you go with this text? Is this information correct? Have you got a telephone? Can pilgrims book their bed in advance? How is the state of Marianns and James refuge?
Greetings and with the best wishes to your new refuge from Paderborn, Germany

Rebekah Scott

Camino Busybody
Past OR future Camino
Many, various, and continuing.
Dear Jochem

Hard questions. We really want to run a total donativo place, but circumstances are forcing us to name a price and take reservations. I hate that. But first...

James and Marianne are out of the picture. Their place is now up for sale. :(

A huge influx of pilgs this year, many with an attitude of ¨Donativo means you give me everything I want for free," has made us re-think a few things about opening up The Peaceable on a total donativo basis. I hope well-meaning guidebooks are not sending these people to our door, because we are retirees living on a fixed income. We have no corporate or organizational support, and cannot afford to subsidize cheap tourist holidays for people who steal our toilet paper and food. (can you tell we had a bad experience yesterday? :shock: )

We offer a bed, (with sheets!) dinner, breakfast, Qi Gong treatment and yoga stretches, spotty internet access, trail advice, dogs, and lots of opportunities to help out. We are a cooperative enterprise. We ask for 10€ for a private room, 8€ each for a shared room, and 12€ additional if you join us for meals. (vegetarians need to tell us in advance.) People with cooking, cleaning, building, animal-handling, etc. skills can contribute them in place of monetary donations. People traveling with animals are welcome, we have a barn for 2 equines and a room for travelers with dogs. Horse feed is available in the village. There´s no set charge for winter pilgrims who stay over...from December to March, they´re still on Complete Donativo!

Travelers passing through are welcome to stop in for a Moratinos Sello and use the kitchen and garden and have a cup of tea. (this is still donativo.) We offer emergency help for English-speakers who are "stuck" along the camino, and occasional tours of the bodega caves on the edge of town.

The Peaceable is indeed our home, and we only take in people when we are here and we are in the mood. Those who want to stay should phone first to 664 539 188. We have room for six, if some of them are flexible.
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Thanks for this information about your home along the Camino Frances. I have been worrying about silly things in preparation for my journey alone starting in Sept this year, like having a bed every night and meeting people who I can relate to. What I am getting from this web site is that there is a global community out there that has created an oasis of spritual space unknown in our modern world and I look forward to stepping into this unusual environment along my way. I appreciate your care and kindness that seems so geuine and generous....Maggee from Ontario Canada


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Hi Rebekah, my husband and I are hopefully walking the Le Puy and Camino Frances routes in July/August/September of 2011 with a 2 week stop as hospitalero volunteers in St Jean Pied de Port.
Do we need to book in with you if we want to stay or do we just turn up and hope for beds? Thanks, Gitti
Past OR future Camino
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The Peaceable Kingdom is a most EXCELLENT place to stay and the rates Rebecca has posted are more than fair for a night in this oasis! I had the pleasure of spending a few days rest there last summer. Rebecca and Paddy were wonderful, interesting hosts.

I'm so happy to see you are "open"... best of luck to you and Congratulations!

PS: The people who steal the toilet paper still amaze me... they're probably the same ones leaving the white trail behind... ACK!

Rebekah Scott

Camino Busybody
Past OR future Camino
Many, various, and continuing.
Thanks for all the nice things you say.
Soon there will be a pilgrim albergue in Moratinos. You guys can still feel free to stop in here if you like. We are thinking about serving you all in a different way.

News after I walk the Frances again!

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