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The price of success


Active Member
It seems that with the arrival of this new format of the forum, which I like a lot, the number of customers must have increased considerably because I find the access time for each page has equally increased.

I find it extremely slow to get to where you want to go with, sometimes, up to 30 seconds to get to a page. Being in the GMT-6 timezone I might have to wait at night to get my two cents worth of comments.

Am I alone with this new situation or is it just the price to pay for Ivar's success :? Maybe the financial results of the new pension in Santiago will allow its owner to buy more bandwidth ! :lol:
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colleen NY-CA

New Member
Hi Ulysse:

I am new to the this forum and very techologiclly challenged, but wanted to respond to your inquiry. I navigate through this forum and others rather easily and quickly. I think for my situation it is because I just had my computer upgraded with new memory and hardive.

Good luck figuring this out!

Colleen NY-CA


Staff member
I find it extremely slow to get to where you want to go with, sometimes, up to 30 seconds to get to a page.
Hmmm.... the server that the site is located on is in the USA, so i don't think the bandwidth is a problem (I have no limit on the server). Sometimes when there are a of of people connected at the same time, the site (server) can get a bit slow, but it should not get to what you are describing.

Are anyone else seeing loooong waits before pages load?

For me it waits about 1-2 seconds, then loads fast. This is due to a caching feature in this new version of the forum... it takes some load off the server, making it more resistant to the overload problem described above.

Have you tried using a different browser? Different computer? ... just to see if it was something on your end.... Is it like this all the time, or just sometimes?

I would be interested in finding out why this is happening since you might not be the only one.



Active Member
Right now 11 AM east coast Canada the sight is working like a well greased wheel, page changes are almost instant. I have however experienced slow periods I just put it down to increased traffic on the site at peak periods.
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the number of users in the forum won't have any effect on the response times (unless they're all hammering away at the same time, which is very unlikely). I do notice a small delay when loading a page, which seems to be due to the ad at the bottom (which comes from a different site, and presumably not cached). However, this is only a couple of seconds and nothing like 30 secs.

Do you notice a delay accessing all sites, Ulysse, or only this one?


Active Member
In the morning here I have abnormal delays accessing the forum only ????? Other sites are running nice. I never experienced slow access to the forum before.

Right now it is 15:45 and everything is smooth is a gelatti. Will test again manana por la manana.
No problem in accessing this much better site from New Zealand, Ivar. My only suggestion is to make the number of new postings scroll to a second page as with the increasing traffic sometimes not enough new postings can fit on the present single screen.
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I've had no problems accessing the site from Australia, and speed is not an issue. The layout is much easier to use, and I just click log-on, click on new posts, and go from there. The listings are easy to read and pages open quickly. Many thanks Ivar for making this available.


Staff member
I find it extremely slow to get to where you want to go with, sometimes, up to 30 seconds to get to a page. Being in the GMT-6 timezone I might have to wait at night to get my two cents worth of comments.

Yesterday about 13.00 CET (07.00am New York time) I had similar problems. If this becomes a trend I would need to do something about it.... :-( The rest of the day the site was just fine.

Please post here if this becomes a problem...

Un saludo,


Veteran Member
Year of past OR future Camino

Excellent response time from Singapore, everytime within a second or two.

Posting may last over 10 seconds but that's normal when updating the forum server.



Hey Ivar, unfortunately I got to the conclusion that we cannot have our Pilgrm Chat... I really do not understand the reasons that make someone use a perfect meeting place for pilgrims from all over the world, and introduce porn subjects. I feel sorry for him or her, however we are the ones whose interaction is jeopardized by those jerks... Bye, Sulachado.


Staff member
I have deleted the spam that appeared in the chat.... I am leaning towards removing the chat room. It seems like it is too easy to spam it and I am not sure how useful the chat was in the first place.

Will remove it later today once back home.

Thanks for letting me know about this.

Un saludo,
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