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The Santiago Enigma - clues


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It's time to give more clues regarding the faces in the Pórtico de la Gloria as discussed inThe Santiago Enigma on miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic3794.html . These clues are already shown in because there was more room for all the necessary pictures.

All these faces are cut out of pictures of the plaster copy in the Victoria & Albert Museum at London of the Pórtico de la Gloria in Saint James's cathedral at Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Courtesy and © (permission given on 22-5-9) of Mr. Gareth Thomas who took these on the eve of his pilgrimage on foot from England through France to Santiago.

You may read more about the making of these pictures and Gareth's pilgrimage in Re: The Santiago Enigma by Gareth Thomas on miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic3794.html#p20890 .

Also see Gareth's compilation in a video of the most beautiful pictures set in heavenly music in Portico de la Gloria 3:21 on ... re=related .

This aspect of the enigma is about the overall message of the Pórtico in general and in particular of the faces of Christ in Majesty and both Saint James's Major and Minor. The face of Daniel (see the weblog) is a good starting point because it is so different from the others.

For inspiration:
Once upon a time a French museum showed a painting of a bouquet in a bucket.
One beautiful spring day a child said to its parents: ‘Look, those two are kissing!’
Indeed: In the water between the stems of the flowers a loving pair was reflected.
Like in a distant mirror - No one could remember if anyone had seen that before…

So: this is more on form than content…
more on iconography than religion…
on how ancient messages are passed…
on reading a medieval stone bible…
and seeing what you’re looking at.

A second post is following soon and more in


  • face Jacobus Minor copy Portico London 074-2.jpg
    face Jacobus Minor copy Portico London 074-2.jpg
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  • face Jacobus Major copy  Saint James T-staff intact Portico London 072 small.jpg
    face Jacobus Major copy Saint James T-staff intact Portico London 072 small.jpg
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  • face Christ in Majesty copy Portico London 004.jpg
    face Christ in Majesty copy Portico London 004.jpg
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