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The TBT, trans Bhutan trail


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Nicole Melancon in this BBC article describes a network of farmhouses along the reopened Trans Bhutan Trail. Tips include how to avoid roaming tigers.

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It’s on my list. There’s a mandatory Sustainable Development Fee
of US$200 per day imposed by the government, and all international visitors must be accompanied by a guide. Because of that it’s more like the organised agency Camino trips than a turn up and walk the trail. The Kingdom has gifted the 408km trail to the World but they’re also ensuring that it benefits Bhutan and its people. Definitely one for my bucket list though!
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On the affordability question yikes 😳! However one must live in hope. At this point I can think of 3 options…admittedly all very low probability 😂

1) inheritance from a long lost never known relative

2) lotto win - need to start buying tickets, or

3) an intriguing one! In fall 2022 while walking the Camino Primitivo with a Brazilian friend we came upon a Japanese Documentary team. They produced 3 high quality documentaries in 2020 of a pilgrim walking from Le Puy en Velay to Santiago de Compostela.

Well my friend and I were interviewed…sheer luck…and filmed by the documentary team. After the walk I followed up with the Director of the documentary and he has confirmed that in March 2023 when the documentary is released in Japan parts of our interview will be shown.

So how can I capitalize on this…well followup with the Japanese team to see if they would like to film a Canadian pilgrim walking the Trans Bhutan Trail and of course ahem support $$$ my walk. ☺️ Or I could contact the Trans Bhutan Trail association directly and see if they wish to invite the Japanese team and of course film me 😂

Either way my chances of walking the Trans Bhutan Trail increase from zero to well zero+++. Like I said one must live in hope and dream 😴


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We can not get anyone to return a call or email from this web site.
We are currently communicating with Deki from:
About the first half...about 14 days.
We thought we would go in mid October, he suggest that March and April have lots of festivals along the way. Anyway I do think this will happen for us in the next year.

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I found this in the Guardian. As it is inclusive of the four jurisdictions in the UK, it may be appealing to those who may be interested in a productive period outwith the Schengen zone. Gov.UK...

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