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The trains in Spain are ... ON TIME!

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So I just had a funny thing happen to me.. .well, funny may not be the word....

I have a reservation for a train to Sahagun from Santiago.
The train is to leave at 9:17 am from Santiago station.

I do not have an alarm clock so I don´t really sleep well, worrying about oversleeping.
But I manage to get myself up at 7 am and am at the train station an hour ahead of time.
I breathe a sigh of relief.

At 9:15 a.m., on the platform from which my train boards, a train appears.
I get on it.
As it pulls out of the station, I realize I am on the WRONG TRAIN!!!
Literally, two minutes before my train was to leave, another train arrived and left...

I had a lovely trip to Vigo.

I now sit in an internet cafe, trying to contact Rebecca, who is going to pick me up at 2 pm.
I won´t be there.

I will take another train at 2:45 to Leon and arrive around 9:45 tonight.
I will have to find lodging and find my way to the Peaceable Kingdom tomorrow.

Boy.. could I use some of that PEACE! ::::cackling::::

Anyway, take care pilgrims... the trains in Spain are ON TIME, unlike those in the USA.
Be sure you are stepping onto YOUR train!

Wel... I wanted to see Vigo anyway... this has certainly been an interesting Camino!

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I wanted to add that when I told the "Help Person" that I felt stupid, he told me that they have many people who make this mistake and take the train to Vigo... mostly foreign, of course. But I didn´t feel so bad then :lol:


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Annie - you made me laugh. In Scotland we are used to the trains running generally on time from the platform they are supposed to run from - maybe because there aren't all that many of them in the smaller stations I was used to. When I moved to London it was a different matter - here they frequently run late and there are a lot of them...on my way home shortly after I arrived here I ran to the platform to catch the train at 6.30pm - it was there...I had only three stops and home...I jumped on...the door closed and a non stop express train took me all the way to Brighton.

Have a drink and chill :)



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Annie - the Hotel Cortes De León is close to the train station and rooms are about 40Euro. I doubt they'll be full today - or tomorrow.

Hotel Cortes de León
Ctra. de Asturias, km. 141. 24008 León
tel. +34 987 272 422 - fax. +34 987 270 030


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