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thieves in Leon


I met a lady who was pick pocketed in Leon. She lost her bank card and money. Fortunately she is travelling with a friend who can pay her way.

When we went to the Eng. Conf refugio in Rebanal the host told us that she was the third person that she has heard of being rob in Leon.

Gotta go the timer for the net is almost up.

having a ball on the camino,

Gatineau Gypsy
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Gatineau Gypsy, great to hear from u, keep that ball going! Wonder what's going on in Leon... Bon marche, xm 8)



What this lady told me was that she and her friend were a approached by a young man in a cafe bar. He came across as a bit of a flirt. They are both in their 60´s and were enjoying themselves until Madelaine notice later the zipper compartment in the front of her fanny belt was open and empty.

Spain is on vatican time but not my net timer,

gotta got,

lost my tribe,

but still having a ball,
Gatineau Gypsy

ps have found no May babies yet.


I have just returned from Leon - and it was the first place in Spain (including Madrid) where I came across anyone aggressively hassling for money. They seemed to target obvious peregrinos, and most were of the 'I need money for a phone call to my dying relative' variety - but pushy and persistent.

It was a bit of a contrast!


New Member
Dear People, I recently finished 2 weeks in the alburgue in León as the volunteer hospedero. :D In that time, we had one stolen backpack, :( 4 walking sticks taken :( and if the man was to believed, over €500 from his wallet while he was in the shower. And this was all while the dorms were fairly crowded. We like to think the Camino is a safe Way. but the way it has become, with anyone using it for any purpose, we have to be as careful as we would in any crowded street in a crime prone city centre. It's a shame but that's how it is now. I wish there would be more care taken in issuing credentials. A letter from a parish priest? I don't have the answer.

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This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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Yikes - I'm glad I was able to stay with a Spanish friend there. Leon was actually where I got the idea to do the Camino. Back in the summer of 2003, I took the train there from Madrid to attend my friend's wedding. He met me at a cafe, and while walking back to his parent's place he remarked that people thought I was a pilgrim due to my backpack. On my next visit 4 years later, I actually was one.

I've had some good experiences in Leon, and I'd hate to see it get a bad rep. A positive anecdote: a zapateria repair shop in Leon fixed my boots while I waited (they bumped me to the front of the queue, since I was a "peregrino"). It took them about 10 minutes, and they only charged me 5 euros. They had to re-sew the boot leather to the elastic fabric on the ankles, and their work held up the rest of the Way. That was cool, especially since I'd bought the boots in Logrono to replace my too-heavy ones from the States...

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