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Thinking of walking via de plata april 12


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I had planned to walk the camino frances on april 12,(2nd time for me & first for my friend) but am reconsidering the via de plata instead. I have a couple of questions that I wondered if any of you might have some advice on. I have the confraternity guide/cole/davies 2004 and raju book but 2001 guide which are all a little (or a lot) out of date

Is it a good idea to bring a sleeping pad?
Food/water/albergues - any portions of the walk that these would be difficult to find?

Any other advice for this time of year that would be good for us to consider?

thanks! Suzanne
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Kevin F. O*brien

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Hello Suzanne, the Camino is very well marked with the first "concha" on a wall directly across the road from "La Giralda" - the Cathedral in Sevilla. Use the Raju guide. Aprart from a few small differences it is still very accurate. Take a light sleeping bag. There are no crowds and you will see Andalucia and Extramadura in the Spring!
Best of luck,
Kevin O'Brien


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Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply.

have you walked this route? seems like you have from what you say.

do you think we'd need to bring along a light sleeping pad on this walk? or just our bags

still deciding which route to do. after seeing the snow 3 feet on the tops of cars being dug out in Roncesvalles made us wonder if a spring walk in the south might not be a good idea & it is the right time for that area from what it sounds. will decide finally next week


Kevin F. O*brien

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Hello again Suzanne, you are quite correct. I have been lucky enough to walk the Via de la Plata both in the Autumn and the Spring. By sleeping pad, I presume you mean those rubber bedroll things. We never found them to be necessary on the "La Plata". I know Alison mentions "roof and floor", but all the refs we were in had beds, and we never met anyone who had slept on the floor. The ref. in Laxe is possibly the best in Spain! There is more traffic there now, especially in the Spring, but there is still plenty of room!

Whatever you decide, have a lovely Camino,




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Hi -
We also walked last spring - there is no need for a sleeping pad. Most alberques are adequate without it. You will love this Camino. We did. It goes on forever - some would think that is a bad thing - it's not. We wished it had really gone on forever, as it was so beautiful - the time span is luxurious for exploring the varied faces of Spain - the landscape, the people, the food, the sights and sounds. Not to speak of your inner landscape..... I envy you. We will not return until next spring.

Buen camino -

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This was my experience in April 2006: Even PdlP can be a bit crowded in spring. The albergues are not so many and small, so suddenly it may be filled up. But most of the time there were a lot of beds for all of us. We brought sleeping pads - just in case - and used them twice. First in Guillena the first night and then in Valdesalor, just before Caceres. In Valdesalor some of our fellow-walkers actually slept on the floor - with just their sleeping-bags. We stoped in Caceres, and will continue frm there next week. You do not have to have a sleeping pad. We have decided to bring them this year also. Then we are more free to stop anywhere in the evening, and we also use them when we stop during the day. We have a very thin and light sort.

Dawn of a new Day

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i know for bens book, if you go onto the website, he has an updated list of albergues.i also have a list , i do not know where i got it from, but there are alot of albergues now, there is only one 38km day. afew 30's. i plan on walking in september.

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